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1000’s show support for an excellent cause

Not even showers could stop the hundreds of people that took part within the CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank Walk for the Cure from having fun with themselves.

In reality, it could possibly be argued that the heavy rainfall only added to the event. Just after 4 p.m. the walk began following a brief opening and ribbon- cutting ceremony.

Chief executive officer of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, Mark St Hill, said he was pleased to announce that through the years the charitable activity has raised greater than US$3 million.

He said the proceeds are used to help within the purchasing of and maintenance of apparatus utilized in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients, noting that the funds also go toward counseling and caring for cancer patients in addition to awareness and early detection programmes.

Medical coordinator of the Breast Screening Programme Dr Shirley Jhagroo said this was a special yr because it was a celebration of 20 years of saving lives.

She said that on the clinic there was a median of two to a few new cases of breast cancer every week, but they were between the stages of zero and two, which shouldn’t be invasive, and these women had a fighting probability of survival.

Jhagroo added that the clinic, which was established in 2002, was capable of provide take care of 120 000 clients and the common attendance for breast screening mammograms was between seven and 800 patients
per thirty days.

She said she was concerned that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was now not offering mammograms and biopsies, noting that it was “disheartening”.

Many of the participants gathered across the music truck and the people made their way from Warrens to the Botanical Gardens.

It was anticipated that about 20 000 people would attend the event, which was held for the primary time since 2019 due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials reported that the goal was reached.

As the group advanced along the highway heading towards the Clyde Walcott Roundabout in Hothersal Turning, the heavy rains got here and lasted for a very long time.

Those that got here prepared placed on their raincoats or sheltered under their umbrellas, while children and their parents got on to a delegated container truck.

At this point it seemed as if things intensified as the group got more energetic.

Taking the cue, the disc jockey increased the tempo and played popular bashment soca and soca to the delight of the group.

The scene resembled jouvert with the pink breast cancer awareness t-shirts colouring the ocean of people that chipped to the rhythmic music or jumped and waved.

Barbados TODAY spoke to a number of the participants who all indicated that they were glad to be back out with family and friends collaborating within the calendar event.

Some said they attended the Pink Fit event on the Deighton Griffith Secondary School last yr, which was a scaled-down version of the walk with fitness instructors leading the scores of individuals in attendance in exercise activities and others said they enjoyed the virtual walks in previous years, but nothing could compare to the full-scale event.

The walk concluded just after 6 p.m. when the music truck arrived on the Botanical Gardens.
There the participants were treated to performances by local entertainers comparable to Mole De Chief, Mikey, Nakita and BruceLee Almightee. (SZB)

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