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18-year-old Sgee Vehnom scores viral hit on Big Bunx rhythm

Sgee Vehnom

Most 18-year-olds are either planning to enterprise onto higher education or secure a job, but Sgee Vehnom is contemplating a profession in music in the intervening time.

His move into pursuing music got here in consequence of the viral success of his song Wonderland, which is featured on arguably the largest rhythm of the summer, Big Bunx.

The Big Bunx has up to now spawned hits corresponding to Paddle Boat by Najeeriii, Wild Out by RajahWild, Mad Out by Valiant and Bakshat by Roze Don.

Wonderland, the song that he recorded on the beat, has taken off and gone viral on social media. The official video for the song has racked up greater than 621,000 views on YouTube because it was released five weeks ago.

Sgee Vehnom is surprised on the response to the song.

“Yes, I’m surprised on the response and feedback to the song; nevertheless, it wasn’t mind-blowing. So much has been happening for the reason that song took off. I get shows and other producers have reached out wanting to do work,” said Sgee Vehnom in an interview with the Jamaica Observer last week.

Wonderland is a three way partnership between Sinkuz Entertainment and Zimi Records.

Sgee Vehnom, who initially desired to grow to be a businessman as a career, is getting adjusted to a possible full-time profession in music. He’s a recent highschool graduate.

“Growing up I had music in mind, nevertheless it wasn’t my essential focus. My goal in music is to achieve my full potential within the art of music. My essential objective is to bring my era of music to the best level possible,” said the deejay.

Prior to the discharge of Wonderland, Sgee Vehnom released the socially conscious Proud, which was also produced by Sinkuz Entertainment.

He shared how his interest in music developed.

“My musical journey started off in first form in highschool, where my friends and I exploit to freestyle until finally we decided to go to the studio where I recorded my first song Chop Chop,” Sgee Vehnom.

Born Chrishaun Christopher Gordon, Sgee Vehnom was born in St Mary but spent most of his life in Lodge District, St Catherine.

Said Sgee Vehnom: “Now we have a couple of songs coming very soon, a few of which I can not speak about as yet, but now we have Needle eye and Leggo Me coming up simply to name a couple of.”

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