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2nd Runner-up to represent Miss Cayman on Los Angeles flight

(CMR) Hayley Nicole Grizzel, the second runner-up in  Miss Cayman  Universe, has been invited to represent the pageant on  Cayman Airways’ inaugural flight to Los Angeles, California, on Saturday.

CMR has been reliably informed that the primary runner-up, Chloe Powery-Doxey, was not chosen because she has not been fully vaccinated. It is known that originally, she didn’t have an interest in being vaccinated but modified her mind and began the method.

CMR understands that originally, she was adamant against getting vaccinated. Nonetheless, the policy of Miss Universe doesn’t permit unvacinated contestants to enter.

This is just not the primary time because the COVID-19 pandemic that a pageant winner’s vaccination status became a difficulty. Georgina Krawford, last 12 months’s winner, was also not vaccinated when she was crowned. Because of this, she was unable to take part in the federal government’s vaccine drive, which included media appearances for the DMS vaccine giveaway due to her vaccine status. She eventually got vaccinated with the intention to travel abroad for the 2021 Miss Universe pageant, which was held in Eilat, Israel.

Many countries maintain a vaccination requirement, including the USA for non-citizens.

The runners-up often tackle duites every time the pageant winner is unable to do. On this case, the pageant winner is unable to represent Miss Cayman Universe as a consequence of her current case before the courts.

Cayman Airways starts flying to Los Angeles in November

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