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A Dominican short film’s accomplishments

The Dominican short film “A Leap into the Void,” which Mary Frances Attias executive produced, was named the “Best Women’s Short” by the Independent Short Awards in Los Angeles and was a finalist on the Cannes World Film Festival in September.

In contrast to the Cannes Festival, the Cannes World Film Festival is a world hybrid event with each a monthly and yearly competition. The chosen movies are screened in Cineum Cannes, a partner theater. The Independent Short Awards, one other international festival with a Los Angeles base and a monthly and yearly competition, screens the winning movies on the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. The Web Movie Database, a division of Amazon, rates each festivals.

The award-winning short film “A Jump into the Void,” whose screenplay was written by Mary Frances Attias and Eudys Cordero and whose direction was handled by Adrian Diaz and Adrian Santana, has as its theme vicarious violence. The TimeArt Foundation has scheduled a variety of film forums across the nation to coincide with the month of non-violence to be able to increase public awareness of this social sick. Congratulations to Mary Frances Attias for these successful outcomes and for wanting to vary Dominican society through her quite a few initiatives through the Time Art Foundation. “Un Salto al Vacio” was on display on the Dominican Fantastic Arts Festival that took place in Santo Domingo last May.

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