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A festival with a Dominican flavor

When Dominicans go overseas, they show, through gastronomy, a part of the Creole culture. An example of that is the Dominican Gastronomic Festival of Florida.

That is an event that has been held since 2007 as a part of the celebrations on the occasion of National Independence, being the preferred and famous activity, which brings together not only Dominicans within the diaspora but in addition Latinos and Americans who include their families to benefit from the colours and flavors of this cuisine, in addition to music and Dominican culture typically.

That is explained by its organizer, Cristina García, who assures that the event has been evolving and making itself known with the support of community leaders and Latin American media.

“Since its beginnings on the JC in Hollywood, it has been the activity where Dominican national holidays, the tasting of dishes from renowned Dominican chefs, and the promotion of tourism to the Dominican Republic converge,” says Garcia.

She also explains that the thought for this festival got here from Marcio Veloz Joa, her late husband, to advertise Dominican culture in Florida. “Because on this city there was no space for Dominicans to rejoice the National Independence of the Dominican Republic,” she explains.

Support and promotion
Cristina García also emphasizes that this event recognizes the restaurants’ efforts to participate and promote our typical dishes.

She adds that the fundamental objective is “that the entire world can get to know our gastronomic culture, in order that as a rustic we’re positioned as a gastronomic destination, along with establishing a reference to all Dominicans and families in order that they all the time feel proud to be Dominicans.

He explained that the event hosted 300 people in its beginnings, and over time, it became massive, recognized, and expected. “It has turn into a convention that pulls greater than 1,500 people,” he said.

The Florida Dominican Gastronomic Festival also includes artistic presentations and cultural stops. On this edition, 25 restaurants are participating.

This space also recognizes those chefs who’ve raised Dominican gastronomy to international levels with creativity and exquisite flavor. Chefs Tita, Rosana Ovalles, and Danny have participated within the event.

In these 15 years, this culinary festival has had essential venues akin to Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the Jaycees Chamber in Hollywood, and the Ana G. Mendez University in Miami. In each place, they receive great support from the Hispanic community, not only from the town of Miami but in addition from neighboring cities,” he said.

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