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Abaco poultry producer exploring hatchery business as egg price soar

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — An Abaco poultry producer said yesterday that it’s seeking to create its own hatchery as the associated fee of broiler eggs have risen between 150 to 200 percent.

Lance Pinder, operations manager at Abaco Big Bird told Eyewitness News the resurgence of the Avian Flu is one in all the essential reasons the associated fee of table eggs has risen exponentially.

“It’s been a very rough 12 months,” Pinder said.

“The Avian flu has been really bad and it’s an enormous reason why table egg prices are so bad. The challenge we have now is that the value of broiler eggs which have also gone sky high or we will’t find them. Their prices have gone up 150-200 percent should you can find them. Obviously, feed prices have gone up not only here but globally pretty near 80 percent within the last eight to 12 months.

“You furthermore mght need to cope with freight and the associated fee of shipping Freight and the associated fee of shipping in addition to fuel,” he continued.

“It’s all just piling up. We’re having it very rough straight away. There was a time while you would increase your price every two to 3 years now it’s every two or three months. We’re looking into creating our own hatchery in order that we will get our own breeder flock. It’s a challenge getting the breeder birds. There are also a variety of people attempting to get into the egg production business straight away. There’s a variety of interest in it and clearly, there’s demand.”

Pinder noted that the problem of egg production, which was once available in The Bahamas, underscores the necessity for this nation to ramp up efforts toward food sustainability.

“We are able to’t produce all the pieces but there are some things we will do here and we want to make serious efforts towards those,” said Pinder.

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