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Abrams’ first art exhibition on show September 25

Twenty-two-year-old Kesean Abrams is a Guyanese-born artist who’s hosting his first exhibition Real Talk on the Center for Hybrid Studies, Spirit Bond, Wharf Road, St Michael from September 25 to October 25, 2022.

The previous student of Parkinson Secondary School said that he was at all times involved in art and is inspired by anything around him.

“Art is in my blood, and I’m inspired by every part around me, nature, people and even memories. That’s the reason I made a decision that I desired to name my first exhibition Real Talk because it seeks to encourage young individuals about what life is like outside of the college setting. On this exhibition I need to talk to young men especially and show them how they will lead a more fulfilling life,” he said.

Abrams, who can also be the holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Law from The University Of The West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, said that since he has been an artist he has been a component
of six exhibitions.

Probably the most recent was on the Central Bank Crop Over 2022 Visual Arts Exhibition in Queen’s Park Steel Shed where he had the chance to live paint alongside a few of the most revered artists in Barbados namely Shane Eastmond and Brandon Best.

In his profession he has never seen the challenges he faced as problems but as opportunities wherein he has learnt perfect his craft and grow his art right into a viable business.

“Since becoming knowledgeable artist two years ago I even have honed my craft through constant practice and relentless dedication.

“Every single day once I come from work, I might dedicate eight hours to practising drawing and painting on cavass any concept that got here to mind and over time I realised that the standard of my work had improved and I used to be able to begin my journey as a solo exhibitor,” he said.

Abrams is expecting a big turnout at his free exhibition which runs from 10 a.m. to three p.m. each day.

“I’m inviting members of the general public to return out and support my free exhibition as I even have been working really hard on this and I think the people of Barbados would thoroughly enjoy what I even have to supply. I need to thank Dr. Deryck Murray and the staff of the Centre of Hybrid Studies for the support they’ve given me on this enterprise,” he said. (Write Right PR Services)

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