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Advice for Bahamian consumers in preparing for a hurricane

NASSAU, BAHAMAS —The Consumer Protection Commission has issued hurricane preparation suggestions for consumers.

In a press release, chairman Walter Ferguson said: Be prepared, on the issuance of a hurricane watch, top off on mandatory supplies; bottled water, ice, food items, particularly canned goods, medications, batteries, fuel for vehicle, sand bags if at risk of flooding, flash lights, portable radios, and chargers, etc.

“In this fashion, long lines and scarcity of things may be avoided,” he said.

“Keep portable chargers fully charged within the event of power loss. Have an evacuation plan that features knowing the placement of designated shelters in your area, and the protected keeping of worthwhile documents.

Ferguson continued: “Check the conditions of hurricane shutters to make sure functionality and install before high winds make it unsafe or extremely difficult to accomplish that. Have a plan to secure items that could be blown away by heavy winds. Be sure that there are not any trees threatening the ability line into your own home or its roof. Pay close attention to alerts from NEMA.

He added: “Be looking out for instances of price gouging; if encountered please reach out
to our sister agency Consumer Affairs Unit at 361-4239, or contact the Consumer
Protection Commission directly at telephone 393-7795/6, Hotline 357-7898, or via
email complaints@cpcbahamas.gov.bs.”

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