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Airline catering generates tens of millions of dollars to the Dominican Republic

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Santo Domingo. – The impact of airline catering in the several productive sectors of the Dominican economy represents tens of millions of dollars, along with its contribution to the country’s image as a tourist destination.

The statement was made by Israel Joa, CEO of JJ Roca, an airline catering company with 53 years of experience within the country, who said that the supply of food services to airlines is a strategic sector for the airline industry and for the economy usually.

In line with a report published by the digital newspaper El Dinero, Roca said that “within the case of his company, in the previous couple of years, not counting the closure attributable to the pandemic, we’ve contributed some US$30 million in foreign exchange generation and a few RD$384 million to the aeronautical sector. Within the labor field, we’ve 143 direct collaborators, all Dominicans, generating 296 indirect jobs.”

He identified that “what is expounded to this industry and its contributions to the country is little known, nevertheless, the worth chain generated by the operation even reaches the agro-industrial sector where we support national producers and in our case we’ve contributed with greater than US$3 million in purchases within the mentioned period.”

“Food on board is a component of the passenger’s satisfaction and experience to and from the destination, so a memorable gastronomic service is a component of the image and positive recall of the Dominican Republic. As an organization, we handle the standard and safety of the food, in addition to the well-being of passengers and crew,” added Joa.

The airline catering market, El Dinero concluded, goes hand in hand with the expansion of the aviation sector and the rise in domestic and international flights, and food production must comply with a series of regulations, requirements and the strictest quality standards.


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