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ART ON THE GO: Bahamian artist launches jewelry collection

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Known for her mesmerizing coffee art, Bahamian artist Minolta Butler, also often known as “The Coffee Lady”, just launched her first jewelry collection of “wearable art”.

“Lee Carter” features multiple different forms of bracelets, necklaces, rings and other fashion pieces.

Butler said while a few of her own previous artwork will likely be a part of the gathering, customers can even have an choice to customize their pieces.

“The Coffee Lady” Minolta Butler’s coffee art.

The artist makes a speciality of painting in coffee and wine, describing her area of interest as “you drunk it, I paint it”.

Butler, who has been doing art for greater than 14 years, said she desired to enterprise into something that will allow her art to turn into personalized memories for people, all over the place they go.

She noted that she often saw her art pieces on partitions, but she wanted to seek out a technique to “bring it along on our journey”.

“Lee Carter was found on me pondering there’s something I want to do this’s new with my art. So, I desired to move forward to getting my art in jewelry. The jewellery features the art,” she said.

Minolta Butler.

“…It’s a new enterprise, something I’ve never done before. So, I used to be extremely excited to see how I could mix and I did it successfully. I’m glad I did it since it’s plenty of fun.”

Butler said the gathering was named in honor of her late father, Lambert Lee Carter Butler.

She added that she is looking forward to the long run of Lee Carter, as she moves to increase the brand into so far more.

The Lee Carter collection will likely be available for purchase on the web site www.LeeCarter.com starting February 5.

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