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Artiste releases album of inspiring music

Sonny Meraki has released his exciting EP (prolonged play record) Resilience. The five-track multi-genre album was released on May 10 2022 on Youtube at Sonny Meraki.

Sonny Meraki whose real name is Francois Clarke said that the five songs on the album were planned before COVID-19 and were recorded with the creative assistance from the National Cultural Foundation.

“Many of the songs on the EP were written and arranged before COVID-19. If I’m being honest I never planned to create an album.

“Nevertheless, when the COVID-19 Creative Assistance Grants became available throughout the pandemic, I made a decision to make use of the chance to get them recorded.

“Moreover, the best plan was to release them earlier in 2021 as motivational messages for people especially because of the lockdowns and tighter restrictions,” he said.

The previous Harrison College and graduate of the University of The West Indies, Cave Hill, Campus with a Bachelor of Science degree – major in Biology, minor in Earth Sciences – said that the album has songs of hope, persistence, motivation, and reminders to people of the strength that all of us possess inside.

“The actual songs are That Place, Head Up High, Keep Going On, How Many More, and Standing Tall. The song That Place was to color an image of a spot, mental space, whether internally or externally that may hook up with once they have to ground themselves for whatever reason. Some people may find that place once they meditate, or some might just have to imagine the greater worlds beyond our planet.

Heads Up High and Keep Going On was a message to maintain strong despite the hardships. How Many More has the band in that song, the unique song which was sung by now Senator John King was re-arranged by Meraki.

Standing Tall was a private prayer and request to the Creator/universe for strength and guidance along my journey with a view to manifest greatness for my family.

“The version on the EP is from my virtual concert which can be available on YouTube: Taste of Meraki Virtual Concert,” he said.

Meraki said that his EP Resilience was to encourage individuals positively.

“The core of my artistry is to create quality art that may genuinely encourage and affect other people positively.

“Subsequently, nearly all of my music tends to flow from this sense of purpose, leading to music that individuals can hopefully go to in times of stress and or pressures,” he said.

The artiste said that he wants his listeners to feel inspired and lifted once they hear the album Resilience.

“My principal hope for individuals listening to that is for them to feel inspired and lifted once they hear it. I hope they remember to acknowledge a Higher Force of their journey, even in the event you are usually not deeply spiritual.

“I also hope that they feel motivated and take time to search out and or remember their very own inner strength and apply persistence and a more positive mentality even when things could also be difficult in life,” he said.

Meraki can be sporting a new look as he has cut his locs and has a younger look. He said that while his new look is a bit personal, he desired to reset on certain points in his journey.

He invited individuals to hearken to his EP Resilience on his YouTube Channel Sonny Meraki Music.

Two of his tracks That Place and Keep Going On can be found on major streaming platforms Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and Shazam.

“Individuals can hearken to the complete project on the Sonny Meraki YouTube Channel and Soundcloud. Individuals can hearken to the complete compilation in a single video, or they’ve the choice of listening to every single as there are also individual videos with each song.

Two of the songs That Place and Keep Going On are already available Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Shazam and all other streaming platforms,” he said.

He expressed due to the National Cultural Foundation for partially funding the creation of Resilience as well as all the producers and contributors on the project.

“I would like to say thanks to the National Cultural Foundation, Jason Alleyne from Escaban Studies, Johnathan Banfield, Shawn Spencer, Brian J. Poole who all produced tracks on the EP, Stonedwithcupidphotography for the photography and content creation for the EP, Claire Codrington in addition to his partner Nicole Krkljush,” he said.

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