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Award-winning Bahamian chef Simeon Hall hosts culinary master class for mothers

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Celebrity Chef Simeon Hall Jr is understood for staying true to the authenticity of the native cuisine and bringing out the history of the Bahamas.

On Saturday on the ‘Nola’s Grandson’ Culinary Master Class for Mothers, Hall delivered to life the late Ronnie Butler’s popular song, ‘Burma Road, Guinea corn hominy and lard grits’ by pairing it with double smoked wild Andros hog bacon.  

Moms take part in a master class hosted by Chef Simeon Hall Jr.

The Culinary Master Class was an interactive cooking class that got down to teach the background and preparation of traditional Bahamian food ‘in an easy but elevated way’. This event for mothers was hosted in The Kitchen at Baha Mar.

“We desired to showcase the attractive and tricked-out kitchen at Baha Mar, local Bahamian Chefs, and food culture,” said Chef Simeon Hall Jr.

Hall explained that in his aim to impress the scholars he selected to reintroduce Bahamian flavors to the menu chosen.

“The category got here with some tasty treats, aka amuse bouches from my seasonal menus, a bit history, and a few lessons on sourcing the perfect fish.”

The scholars explored the flavors of dishes reminiscent of Olive oil soft serve, Inagua salt, citrus EVOO and johnnycake biscuits, fried chicken butter, Shacara’s honeycomb, and native pepper sauce. The star of the day though was Bahamian Stewed Fish. The mothers washed all of it down with crafted libations from Bon Vivant. 

Hall explained that he not only wanted mothers to come back out a learn easy methods to prepare restaurant-style dishes, but his aim was for them to have an experience and to depart with a renewed love and appreciation for authentic Bahamian cuisine.

“The scholars left with plenty tings and I hopefully inspired them to fellowship through food more, understand Bahamian culture through food and appreciate that chefs may make things look difficult but it surely’s not.  We must always all run not walk to our kitchens to simply cook!”

Chef Simeon Hall Jr poses with Bahamian entertainer Sonovia Pierre (Novie, right) and social media influencer Alex Kaufman (Baha Yogi).

Nola’s Grandson Culinary Master Class saw the likes of celebrity Chef Jamal Petty, Bahamian entertainer Sonovia Pierre (Novie), and social media influencer Alex Kaufman (Baha Yogi).

“I need to thank the entire sponsors that partnered with me and thanks to Chef Basil Dean for stopping by!” 

The category was hosted by Hall, Chef Quentin Scott, and apprentice Chef Derek Sawyer. 

Hall added that he has many other initiatives within the pipeline, including the upcoming Baking Master Class for Fathers.

More information is out there on www.simeonhalljr.com. 

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