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Bahamas Carnival Experience 2020 to reintroduce music masters competition

Bahamas Carnival Experience 2020 to reintroduce music masters competition

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The 2020 Bahamas Carnival Experience, which is ready to happen on May 1 – 3, will reintroduce the songwriting and music masters competition for Bahamian artists.

Organizers of the weekend long festival – Polantra Media Group and the Bahamas Carnival Band Owners Association (BCBOA) made the announcement during a press conference on the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium yesterday.

“We’re changing the best way people envision playing mas at Bahamas Carnival,” said Tevor Davis, president of Polantra Media.

“We’re giving it a festival feel. We would like as soon as people walk into the stadium, they feel it.

“We’re going to have music playing all day, whether it’s from the bands or the artists of the stage.

“As well as, those playing mas can have an actual stage to cross for the primary time at Bahamas Carnival.

“That is where the judging will occur and where revelers will have the option to offer their all just as they’d do in another carnival.

The concert series will probably be hosted on the stadium. Nonetheless, organizers were unable to point which artists will probably be performing and headlining the show.

Bahamian artists will once more be given a chance to jot down, record and perform their original songs for a top prize, as was done at the primary three Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, with the return of the songwriting and music competition.

Rafael Dean, president of the Bahamas Carnival Band Owners Association (BCBOA), said the route for the Road Fever has not yet been finalized, and remains to be awaiting approval.

Dean noted nonetheless that “there’s a major increase in bands reporting visitor arrivals”.

“This 12 months goes to be one,” Dean said.

“There are numerous international guests reaching out to different bands, checking out details about carnival, interests and costumes, and after all when costumes will probably be released.”

Eight major bands are expected to take part in the Road Fever portion of the weekend of festivities.


That is the third 12 months that Polantra Media Group has had ownership and management for the event.

“As is the case every 12 months, Bahamas Carnival Experience 2020 will probably be a vibrant experience, wealthy in culture, that uniquely incorporates traditional carnival vibes from world wide with a touch of our Bahamian flavor,” said Kenny Mackey, a representative of Polantra Media.

“We imagine this will probably be the most important carnival yet.

“But Bahamas Carnival Experience isn’t only one big party weekend, it represents the spirit of Bahamian industry, a singular opportunity for Bahamian entrepreneurs, artisans and other creatives to grow their enterprises and display their talents on the local and international stage.”

The Minnis administration announced early on in its term that it is going to not fund carnival, and withdrew its support from the event in 2018.

The inaugural Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival in 2015 cost the Christie administration $12.9 million.

The 2016 installment of the event cost $9.8 million, of which $8.1 million was subsidized by the federal government, in line with The Bahamas National Festival Commission (BNFC).

The 2017 carnival report has still not been released.

While he couldn’t indicate the budget for this 12 months’s carnival festivities, Mackey revealed yesterday that just about $1.2 million was spent annually on the previous carnivals organized by Polantra Media.

Mackey also revealed that the group is working on an economic impact assessment in an effort to put the effect of Bahamas Carnival into “real tangible numbers”.

He said they’re hoping to have that study complete by the tip of February and released in early March.

“As organizers of the carnival season, we, Polantra Media together with the Bahamas Carnival Band Association, are working together to implement new governance structures, policies and guidelines to make sure the standard of the event experience, the protection of patrons participating and the preservation of cultural values unique to The Bahamas,” Mackey added.

“We acknowledge that there are some who may not imagine in our vision or share the identical values with the Bahamas Carnival Experience.

“Nevertheless it is our goal through our exertions and innovation, and support of Bahamians that we bring them around this 12 months particularly.

“It’s our hope to display to those fair-minded individuals of our community, that their concerns and their inputs are taken and valued.

“We all know that carnival is nice for The Bahamas. We see it within the success of Bahamian entrepreneurs, and thru the calculations of heads-in-beds every 12 months from local and international participants that leave The Bahamas with the oh wow feeling of carnival.”

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