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Bahamas Chess Olympiad Team puts their best foot forward on the forty fourth Chess Olympiad

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Bahamas Men’s and Women’s Chess Olympiad Teams are making a powerful showing in Chennai, India for the forty fourth FIDE Chess Olympiad.

The team landed in India on July 27, and the inauguration was held the next evening at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium. The ceremony included stunning displays of Indian art forms and dance while India’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi Ji brought remarks to officially welcome the players.

The Bahamas Open Chess Olympiad Team has a complete of 4.5 points going into Round 5.

The boys’s team faced the distinguished team from Latvia comprised of a Grandmaster (GM), an International Master (IM) and a FIDE Master (FM), and lost all games in Round 1.

(L-R) WCM Daijah Johnson, Dr. Joseph Ferguson (Captain), and Trinity Pinder.

In Round 2, CM Kendrick Knowles was the one team member capable of secure some points, managing a draw against a Sri Lankan Fide Master (FM).

For Round 3, the Open Team of FM Cecil Moncur, CM Kendrick Knowles, WCM Polina Karelina and Dr. Kenville Lockhart won all their games against Comoros. Unfortunately, the team fell to Ethiopia in Round 4 losing all
their games.

The Bahamas Women’s Chess Olympiad Team has a complete of 5.5 points going into Round 5.

In Round 1, the ladies’s team was pitted against the high-ranking Chile Women’s Team which comprised of two Women Candidate Masters (WCM) and two Women FIDE Masters (WFM). The Bahamas lost
all Round 1 games and all Round 2 games, where they faced up against South Korea.

In Round 3, Nelissa Thomas secured the primary win for the Women’s Team against a Women FIDE Master from
Malawi. Trinity Pinder secured a attract Round 3 against a Malawian Women Candidate Master.

For Round 4, the Women’s Team had a full sweep win with Trinity Pinder, Nelissa Thomas, WCM Daijah
Johnson and Jayla Cargill all winning their games against the Central African Republic.

“Team Bahamas had a rough start playing against some strong nations in the primary two rounds,” said Elton Joseph, Treasurer, The Bahamas Chess Federation and Delegate, The Chess Olympiad.

Joseph added: “Players are learning precious lessons and the juniors are really stepping as much as the plate.”

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