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Bahamian Culture takes centre stage during Heritage Celebration at Marlins vs Mets Game

MIAMI, FLORIDA — The Miami Marlins challenged the New York Mets this past weekend during their series opener against the backdrop of a stupendous Bahamian-themed night with the second edition of the Bahamian Heritage Celebration. 

The festivities at loanDepot park on 25 June honoured Bahamian son of the soil Jasrado “Jazz” Chisholm Jr — second baseman for the Marlins. 

The aquamarine, gold, and black colors signifying Bahamian pride lit up the park’s promenade, and a pregame Junkanoo rush out led by the Bahamas Junkanoo Revue of Miami and legendary Junkanooers Barabbas Woodside and Langston Longley moved the nearly 20,000 spectators to their feet. 

Percy “Vola ” Francis “King of Junkanoo” in The Bahamas and Leader of the world-famous Shell Saxons Superstars Junkanoo Organisation also made a special appearance through the performance, showcasing his popular “Vola Shuffle” dance move. The gang too joined within the celebration with many spectators waving their Bahamian flags, beating their goatskin drums, and dancing to the pulsating music. 

Bahamian pride on full display at Marlins Mets game.

Minister of Youth, Sports & Culture Mario Bowleg threw out the primary Marlins’ pitch of the sport, and spectators were treated to much more Bahamian experiences throughout the night. 

The Heritage Celebration is a collaborative initiative by the Miami Marlins, the Bahamas Consulate General (Miami) Office, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation (BMOTIA), the National Sports Authority (NSA) of The Bahamas, and the Bahamas Baseball Association (BBA). 

Of the Bahamian Heritage Celebration headlining the sport, Latia Duncombe, Acting Director-General, BMOTIA, said: “This can be a proud moment for The Bahamas, to witness one among our own excel in Major League Baseball, and to see Bahamian heritage being celebrated before hundreds of fans. 

“This event is a terrific opportunity to showcase the authentic cultural expressions that visitors to our destination can experience.” 

Chisolm’s outstanding talent combined along with his charismatic persona has made him an all-around fan favorite as the primary Bahamian player with the Marlins franchise and only the seventh Bahamian in Major League Baseball (MLB) history. 

This yr, fans were also in a position to receive an exclusive Bahamian Heritage Marlins Jersey and a collectible Jazz Chisholm Jr. bobblehead souvenir, presented by loanDepot. 

The night ended with a postgame concert featuring full of life and rhythmic Bahamian music marking an exceptional celebration of the country’s deep ties with Miami. 

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