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BAMSI expands its international partnerships

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) has formed a strategic partnership with Duke University, one of the crucial prestigious academic
institutions in america.

The move represents efforts to strengthen BAMSI’s research capability and expose students and staff to global best practices within the midst of a climate-impacted environment.

BAMSI President, Senator Dr Erecia Hepburn said the partnership is the results of linkages formed with the leadership team of the DukeEngage Programme.

“Through a combined effort, the BAMSI/Duke partnership will look to tackle food insecurity, climate change, and environmental impacts. Working with Director Harris and Site Coordinator Jackie Terrell is already proving to be helpful and we stay up for their continued support.”

(L-R) Angel Harris, Director of the DukeEngage Programme, JackieTerrell, DukeEngage Site Coordinator, Alfred Sears, Minister of Works and Utilities and Dr. Erecia Hepburn, President of BAMSI.

Angel Harris, Director of the DukeEngage Programme, said: “The Bahamas is arguably the perfect place on the planet to study how countries with a really small environmental footprint address experiencing the disproportionate costs of worldwide warming and climate change.

“Collaborating with BAMSI allows students from Duke University to be on the front lines in coping with food insecurity, which is one in every of the “downstream” effects of increasingly intense storms attributable to climate change.”

DukeEngage students include Zoe Herlick, Meredith Hutchinson, Sam Ramey, Hiwot Shaw, Will David, and Ian Bailey.

The group, made up of about ten students, together with staff members, met with BAMSI’s executive team, visited the Senate and in addition worked together with the staff at BAMSI’s Distribution Centre. They’d the chance to help the staff when a new shipment of produce was received.

“We selected BAMSI,” Terrell said, “through our food stability work with former minister Arnold Forbes who directed us to Senator Hepburn. We had visited the food distribution centre on an earlier trip and wanted to attach again in any way we could help.”

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