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Barbados Celtic Festival begins next week

The Barbados Celtic Festival is back with live Scottish music from visiting musicians, next week from May 11 to fifteen.

Pipers and drummers from Scotland and Canada will join the Barbados Defence Force for a vibrant street parade through town from 3:30 p.m. (Jubilee Gardens – Golden Square Freedom Park) on Saturday, May 14, moving on to Blakeys on the Boardwalk for a packed evening of free entertainment from roughly 4:30 p.m.

Folk musicians from Scotland and Barbados will play together at Blakeys in addition to the pipes and drums, where there shall be barbecue food and the regular menu.

On Friday evening May 13, there’s the prospect to listen to more about Irish and Scottish history in Barbados from Mark Callaghan, the son of the creator of the book “To Hell or Barbados” which chronicles the history of Irish indentured servants working on sugar plantations within the 1700s.

This takes place on the Barbados Museum.  If you need to trace your roots or you might have an Irish or Scottish first name or surname, it is a probability to seek out out more about your personal history.

Earlier within the week pipers will feature within the Harbour Lights Dinner Show on Wednesday and Thursday with the prospect to perhaps catch a look of a Bajan or two in kilts.

Sunday morning, May 15, there’s the prospect to hike within the Scotland District with Hike Barbados leaving  from Barclays Park at 6 a.m. with a lime around 9 a.m.

The festival culminates on Sunday evening, from 6 p.m. in a “Celtic evening” at Tapas restaurant on the Boardwalk with the prospect to sample some Scottish whisky in addition to rums and a few more live Scottish music and their regular menu.

“Given the challenges of COVID which have restricted our live events for the last two years we’re extremely pleased to be back again live this yr 2022 to bring each visitors and musicians to Barbados to enjoy our Celtic Festival.

Celtic Festivals happen all around the globe where there are Scottish, Irish and Welsh connections through shared history.

Barbados has so many links with Scotland, not least those individuals who were purged from Scotland in 1748, dropped at work on the sugar plantations and whose descendants are nick-named the “Redlegs”.     

“The Barbados Celtic Festival is recognised as a key event within the Celtic world and we have now ambitious plans for 2023 and 2024 with visiting Welsh choirs and more pipe bands from Scotland and Canada wishing to participate in our programme.

“I want to thank our key sponsors for supporting us this yr.

“BTMI, Mount Gay, Banks Beer, Drive a Matic and Capital Media HD, and the tremendous support we have now had for our events from local businesses.

“We hope to bring joy and good entertainment next week for everybody and fun for the all of the family”, said Jeana Leslie, director of the Barbados Celtic Festival.   

Leslie and her award-winning band Fara from the Scottish islands of Orkney played in 2016 and 2017 Barbados Celtic Festivals and he or she brings along with her the ceilidh (pron Kayley) band Bahookie from Scotland to play Celtic rock, for dancing at Blakeys on Saturday evening May 14.

“A ceilidh is the equivalent of a Caribbean “jump up” where everyone should enjoy a terrific time with live music, the prospect to bounce, and a wealthy cultural exchange,”
Leslie added.

Follow on Facebook for normal updates @celticfestivalbarbados and on the web site at www.barbadoscelticfestival.com  Individuals can email [email protected] for further information. (PR)

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