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Now I never knew how a mold was used to form a vase. I understood that you just poured the liquid clay into the mold that was shaped in the shape you wanted. But I never knew concerning the center. I believed perhaps one other mold was inserted. But how would they get it in if the highest was narrow and the middle wide. It just couldn’t undergo the opening. Perhaps the mold was already preformed with a hole.

It just didn’t occur to me that the liquid would evaporate and get absorbed by the wood mold from the surface in. That leaves the middle in a liquid form while the surface hardens. You just pour the liquid out, leaving the hard shell of the vase. The mold is in two halves held together by a rubber band. When the mold is opened the vase is prepared for drying and processing.

Molding Beautifully is in its simplicity.

Now the kilns I actually have seen are big, pot bellied furnaces wherein you stake your masterpieces. Now the trendy way is to place the artwork out on a shelving system and easily roll the furnace over it. The factory floor is built like a miniature railway in order that kilns can roll over the tables and shelves – you only open the doors and push it over.

Firing Beautifully is easy.

I believed that every one those pretty colours on the vase or plate were the paint. How fallacious I used to be. It’s the cobalt or clay response with the paint and the glaze that brings out the good, vibrant colours that we see.

The finished artistic endeavors!

Earthworks Pottery in Barbados is a state-of-the-art, modern pottery that produces exceptional pieces of art; all comprised of earth and clay.

There are secrets to the way it mixes liquid clay and the precise form of material utilized in its paints. That offers the advantageous colours. But a lot of the work is simple and the artists and folks on the studio are completely happy to consult with guests and revel in explaining what they’ll.

I used to be glad to say I used to be not the just one who knew little about pottery. Most of us were in the identical boat and all enjoyed the visit.

The video covers the visit, molds, artwork, painting, glazing and firing.

History of Earthworks

Earthworks was. established in 1983 by Goldie Spieler. Earthworks is now run by her son David, together with the Earthworks staff of 24 individuals.

The red clay ceramic pieces are the results of the clay being fired to stoneware temperatures that end in a tough ceramic finish. The finished pottery is good for the house or restaurant. The studio creates an ornamental and really functional line of tableware in round, square, rectangular and oval. From 20″ platters to plates to tiny coasters; bowls in all styles and sizes. Also in matching colours and patterns are vases, lamps, desk and toilet accessories.

Earthworks also does custom orders resembling house names or house-numbers, a toilet sinks, splash tiles, accents or floor tiles, commemorative dinner sets, wedding presents and anything you possibly can imagine.

Every thing is hand-finished and hand-decorated with underglaze colours. On this process it’s the glazing, firing and interaction of cobalt heat and glaze that makes the colours what they’re.

All art is lead-free and food protected. Every thing is dishwasher and microwave protected.

The work area of the pottery might be toured during working hours. Visitors can watch us work and stop to speak.

Open Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-1. Closed Sundays and public holidays.

Visit Earthworks

Visit Earthworks Pottery online at http://www.earthworks-pottery.com

Contact Earthworks

David Spieler
Earthworks Pottery
#2, Edgehill Heights St. Thomas
Tel: (246) 425-0223
Fax: (246) 425-3224
E-mail: eworks@caribsurf.com

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PO BOX 16B Baslen House
Kingston Terrace
St. Michael, Barbados
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