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Barbados Minister calls for CARICOM to revisit affordability of air travel and costs to regional tourism

Barbados’ Minister for Tourism Lisa Cummins says the Caribbean urgently must revisit the high cost of air travel and its effects on the region’s tourism industry, especially during COVID.

In an exclusive interview with Saint Lucia News Online (SNO) on the occasion of Inter-Caribbean Airline’s inaugural flight to Guyana from Barbados, Minister Cummins was asked to comment on the harmful effects of fuel costs on air travel regionally, which has now been exacerbated by COVID entry and general travel protocols.

The minister replied: “Intra-regional travel simply needs to be checked out when it comes to affordability.

“The mix of taxes and charges, new public health measures for entry – and yes, in fact, fuel costs – make it prohibitive for a lot of.”

In accordance with the minister, the difficulty needs the urgent attention of regional tourism ministers and leaders, because “it’s a difficulty now we have to have a look at – and at this level of our regional institutions.”

Intra-Caribbean, which has been serving Saint Lucia and several other other Caribbean destinations previously two years, successfully accomplished its inaugural flight to Guyana on Friday (December 17) and based on the corporate, its next stop (to start out flights) is Trinidad & Tobago.

Trinidad & Tobago’s Caribbean Airlines (formerly BWIA) and Inter-Caribbean have been filling the wide gap created by the hard times which have visited the long-serving Antigua-based LIAT.

Inter-Caribbean relies within the Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI).

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