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Barbados welcomes three inaugural flights

Three inaugural flights touched down in Barbados on Sunday, because the island continues to expand its North American and European markets.

First to reach just after 12 noon was United Airlines 388 from Newark, which saw Barbados-born pilot Captain Ryan Padmore in command.

Minister of Tourism and International Transport Senator Lisa Cummins was a part of the welcoming party for the flight, and said tourism officials and stakeholders continued to be pleased with the new flights being seen coming into the island.

“We’re quite completely satisfied to have these new gateways opening up, bringing new passengers, new traffic to Barbados from the US.

“I don’t should say to you that now we have been having any variety of challenges during the last 22 months globally within the tourism industry and with international travel generally,” she said.

The Tourism Minister, nonetheless, stressed that she and officials remain confident within the Ministry of Health’s protocols in addition to the WHO’s guidance to maintain travel into Barbados as protected as possible.

The opposite two flights for the day were United Airlines from Dulles, Washington and Virgin Atlantic 233 from Edinburgh, Scotland. (SB)

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