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Beenie Man Ex-Girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson Responds To D’Angel Comments – Haiti Gazette

Krystal Tomlinson is seemingly responding to dancehall artist D’Angel, who claimed that while she was with Beenie Man, she banned him from dancing along with his ex-wife in the event that they performed together.

Beenie Man and D’Angel’s relationship appeared to improve through the years after their divorce. Nevertheless, while at her birthday celebration in 2018, the artist refused to bounce together with her after she encouraged him to wine on her.

“Yuh fraid afraid fi dance with me? What’s it him fraid?” D’Angel asked the gang while Beenie Man appeared nervous and cracked a smile. He explained, “Naw…it’s not appropriate, at the moment. Seen? It’s not appropriate!”

Later, there was a rumor that Krystal Tomlinson, who was then dating the artist, told him he couldn’t dance together with her. Many ladies had sided with Tomlinson, although the rumor was never confirmed until last week, almost 5 years later.

Krystal Tomlinson and Beenie Man

While on a YouTube live with Razor B, D’Angel mocked Tomlinson, who is not any longer with Beenie Man.

“The oman say the person can’t dance wid me… ah first me a chat this, have a look at you now lady, go where you a go ole fake,” D’Angel said with an extended kiss teeth.

Plainly Tomlinson is holding strong on her stance in a recent post to her Instagram account. Although she didn’t name D’Angel, observers imagine that her post, which speaks to boundaries and never caring what others think, is directed to D’Angel, whose real name is Michelle Downer.

“Never mind who’s intimidated, offended, and losing sleep – set your boundaries, stand your ground, and honor your principles,” the respected public speaker and politician wrote.

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“They’ll ‘feel a way’ like Beyoncé says but give them space to feel their feelings and figure it out. Your power emerges if you #OUTGROW the must be liked by people whose values and principles don’t align. Your power emerges if you #OUTGROW the must be understood by those that get ego food from misunderstanding you,” she added.

She also encouraged her followers to “…OUTGROW the idea that you simply’re accountable for managing people’s feelings. Your power emerges if you #OUTGROW the fear or criticism, failure, and loneliness and trust God to work all things together in your good.”

Although Tomlinson and Beenie Man aren’t any longer together, the 2 share a young daughter who was seen recently celebrating her father’s birthday with him.

Beenie Man has not reacted to the comments by his ex-wife.

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