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Brazilian embassy commemorates 200 years of Independence

NASSAU, THE BAHAMAS — A celebratory event was held at Breezes Resort by the Brazilian Embassy on September seventh, 2022 in recognition of the bicentennial of the country’s independence.

Brazil became an independent country in 1822 following a proclamation by Dom Pedro I, Prince Regent of Portugal, who would go on to change into Brazil’s first constitutional Emperor.

“Brazil owes much to many countries and races: we’re a vibrant melting pot,” said Brazilian Ambassador Claudio Raja Gabaglia Lins.

“It is nearly a miracle that we could have remained united when lots of our neighbors of 1822 were to face political fragmentation and territorial disputes that last until today.”

Raja Gabaglia Lins continued: “Now we have remained politically united, but not without having to fight from day one until now the identical fights of all countries from Latin America and the Caribbean: against poverty, economic and gender inequality and, these days, against the massive challenge of climate change, which the Bahamas have been facing with boldness and international leadership.”

He also asked Brazilians living in The Bahamas to fondly recall one of the best memories of their homeland, and to “remember today that we’re still loved by Brazil even in essentially the most difficult moments of our lives.”

Coincidentally, Brazil’s two hundredth independence anniversary is being celebrated just ten months ahead of the Bahamas’ fiftieth independence anniversary. This fact didn’t go unnoticed by the Ambassador, who added that “for each our countries, these are occasions to show our hearts deeply to what our countries mean to us.”

After noting that each countries faced “very similar challenges of their historical evolution”, Raja Gabaglia Lins concluded his remarks by reminding attendees that “we each share the identical wealthy racial and cultural African heritage, a dramatic history that blossoms every yr in our Junkanoos.”

The evening’s attendees were treated to the sounds of Pablo Fagundes and Marcos Moraes, who performed Brazilian music.

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