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#BTColumn – Of lies and silly lies

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by Mac Fingall

When a lie is told publicly about you and also you don’t respond, it suggests that what’s being said is perhaps true. Based on that philosophical view, I feel compelled as Chairman of Board of The National Sports Council (NSC), to reply to the lie which has surfaced multiple times within the each day Nation newspaper.

Within the Nation newspaper dated Thursday August 4th 2022, on the back page, under the title “Job Tension”, it’s stated that “… an incident which happened on the National Stadium two years ago involving the disappearance of weights was being held over Worrell’s head when, in accordance with Franklyn, he knew nothing concerning the missing weights and no police had ever been informed”.

Also, in the following paragraph in the identical article, the newspaper quoted Franklyn as saying “…why didn’t they call the police?”

Then, on page three (3) of the each day nation newspaper dated Thursday September 1st 2002 in an article titled “Worrell returns to stadium post”, it was repeated thus “…no grievance was ever made to the police”.

It’s a blatant misinform say that the police weren’t called in relation to the missing weights from the national stadium. The police were called in relation to the missing weights from the national stadium. The police got here. A sergeant and a constable responded to the decision. Now we have their names. They even visited the national stadium regarding the missing weights on two (2) separate occasions.

The Board of The NSC instructed the management of the NSC to analyze the matter while waiting on the police report. Management accomplished a particularly detailed and time – consuming report having interviewed the pertinent members of the stadium staff including Mr. Worrell.

Three (3) letters have been written to the Commissioner of Police up to now requesting the report regarding the missing weights from the national stadium. The primary letter was sent on the twentieth of May 2021. The second letter was sent on the 4th of May 2022. The third letter was sent on the twenty fourth of August 2022.

I actually, spoke to The Commissioner of Police, after the second letter was sent, to let him know that we were waiting on the report regarding the missing weights from the national stadium. He promised me that he would look into it.

To have such a significant occurrence which is tantamount to hundreds of dollars being taken from the general public purse and never call the police, smacks of incompetence, lack of responsibility, lack of courage and surely not understanding civic duty.

I view this LIE to be insulting to The Board, management and the staff of the NSC for if it were left unchallenged and due to this fact digested by the general public as the reality – with all these three entities of the NSC knowing of the mysterious disappearance of the weights – it could easily be interpreted as collusion or downright “don’t give a rattling, it’s government” mentality.

Nonetheless you take a look at it, it will hurt me due to the quality, integrity and professionalism of the NSC’s board members who proceed to make sacrifices to ensure that the Council’s business is taken care of.

It might hurt since the Management together with all the staff have been producing excellent work especially in these trying times. Projects comparable to swim for all times; summer camp; hot summer burn; bajefit; national road tennis tournaments; painting over 230 road tennis courts; opening of a spanking new cutting-edge gym for the sporting federations; modernizing the NSC digitally; beautifying the environment of The Wildey Gymnasium.

Coaches, general employees, admin, security, grounds men and supervisors – all of them have been making the council proud. Oh, what a shame it will be to taint their work and popularity with a lie.

And never only a lie, but a FOOLISH LIE for (1) Mr. Worrell, as Superintendent of the National Stadium, it was his duty to ensure that the police were called. He was the last word superior. The buck stops with him.

(2) Mr. Worrell, having been a policeman, surely should know of the urgency and importance of reporting such matters, also the procedures.

(3)  He himself is a former bodybuilder and is currently the P.R.O. of the bodybuilding association which should cause him great concern if weights are missing thereby stopping athletes of all disciplines from training – especially bodybuilding.

The aforementioned three (3) reasons should mechanically demand calling the police. Hence, the LIE is not sensible.


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