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CARICOM sounds the alarm on Haiti

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA — In a press statement, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) said they’re “gravely concerned” by the deterioration of social and security circumstances in Haiti.

The “persistently distressing situation” within the country was described in the discharge as “untenable”.

“The continued breakdown in law and order, and its distressing effect on the people of Haiti, is intensifying,” the statement read.

“The fraught situation is exacerbated by the shortcoming of the Haitian security forces to deal with the continued violence,” said CARICOM.

“The unrest is having a negative impact on the already weak economy resulting in much more mass demonstrations. Especially the worsening social conditions and the limited availability of food require urgent and immediate attention from the international community.”

CARICOM is asking for an urgent, all-hands-on-deck approach from all stakeholders to deal with the vexing challenges.

The organization also pledged its readiness and support for international partners willing to “mobilize financial and technical resources to facilitate a process towards normalization, and ultimately the holding of free, fair and credible general elections.”

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