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Celebrating Fet Gede in Haiti’s capital 

Port-au-Prince — Every yr, groups of Vodou worshippers gather contained in the capital’s Grand Cemetery to rejoice Fet Gede, the annual festival honoring the ancestors. With candles in hand, Florida perfume within the air, and special foods for the spirits, the throngs stand in front of Baron Samedi with their ceremonial offerings.

Through the Nov. 2 celebration, certainly one of “Gede’s children,” as devotees are called, went into labor. After several attempts by medical responders to come back contained in the cemetery, Vladimir Cheron, a ceremony participant, called for an ambulance to take the servant to the hospital.

Marvens Compere is a documentary filmmaker and still photographer based in Haiti. Over the past 9 years, Marvens has worked on a wide range of projects, primarily for international and national non-profit organizations.

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