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Chastanet Says Residents, Not The Government Bearing The Brunt Of Inflation

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has criticised the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration, accusing it of failing to cushion the effect of rising prices on people while not implementing government austerity measures.

“There is no such thing as a safety net. The Government has done a piss-poor job of attempting to cushion the blow of what has been going down within the country,” the previous Prime Minister told reporters on Wednesday.

Chastanet said he genuinely believes the people elected the SLP on a social conscience platform.

But he lamented that this has yet to translate into policy.

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On this regard, the UWP leader told reporters that the Government had ‘deliberately and intentionally’ not absorbed any part of accelerating inflation this yr.

Alternatively, Chastanet said the Government has insisted on recovering and maintaining its revenue.

“For those who are going to do this as a policy, to me that should be commensurate with a government of austerity. Where are the sacrifices by this Government? Where was the freeze on employment? Where was the stopping of travel? Where were the attempts to give you the option to preserve revenue so that perhaps there could be less of a burden placed on the more vulnerable?” He stated.

As an alternative, Chastanet observed that bread prices, bus fares, cooking gas and the associated fee of living have increased.

And he noted that the people and never the Government had borne the brunt of the impact.

“That to me is unconscionable,” Chastanet asserted.


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