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Cimafunk and Paul McCartney

Still from “El Potaje,” video clip by Cimafunk.

Paul McCartney didn’t think twice. Ron Delsener, an old friend and promoter of The Beatles for years, invited him to a Cimafunk concert in Latest York with a remarkable letter of introduction. “He has top-of-the-line live shows I’ve ever seen,” Ron told Paul to indicate him the Cuban’s work.

The concert took place on the legendary Stephen Talkhouse club, in The Hamptons, Latest York, where a gallery of music stars has paraded. Paul arrived accompanied by his daughter Stella McCartney, an impressive dressmaker. He sat discreetly in front of the stage and started to benefit from the concert until the tip, from where he heard the songs “Funk Aspirin,” “La papa,” “Relajao,” “Paciente” and Cimafunk’s version of the anthem “Sex Machine,” by James Brown, considered one of the Cuban’s music heroes.

From his seat, Paul gave thanks for the energy and presence of La Tribu and its leader. Before leaving, the magic happened. Paul greeted the musicians and thanked them “for having such a dynamic show with such sound,” considered one of the show’s organizers told this editor.

Cimafunk and his musicians have been ecstatic for the reason that experience. “Paul McCartney is a legend, one of the vital necessary artists in history. He knows. He knows in regards to the music, in regards to the show, in regards to the flow and the groove, having his support and approval has been the best thing there may be,” Cimafunk told this author.

“What I like and revel in greater than anything in life is being on stage. Meeting Paul from the stage is the very best. The place is small, and it was tremendously hot, people going crazy, dancing and sweating, and Paul was right there, almost on stage, right next to Wao, our pianist,” he added.

Cimafunk can’t forget the hug Paul gave him at the tip of the concert. “I used to be capable of hug him and thank him for his art and for coming to see me and La Tribu. I do know we are going to see one another again soon. This summer has been very violent, the shows with tremendous energy, La Tribu playing higher than ever and super cool fans, who give us the very best of them in each show,” he commented.

A team member accompanies the singer-songwriter’s words with the small print that were combined for The Beatle’s meeting with Cimafunk.

“Lower than a 12 months ago, Delsener went to a Cimafunk with La Tribu concert and was captivated by the results of the show. He then commented that it was top-of-the-line shows he had seen, and wrote his impressions of what he saw that night on stage. Then the invitation to his friend Paul got here up,” he explained.

Delsener is one of the vital influential producers in rock history. He’s 86 years old and has been on the international circuit for greater than 60 years. He currently works with the corporate Live Nation, which specialized in organizing concert events all over the world.

The concert took place as a part of the El Alimento tour, which bears the name of Cimafunk’s second album. Through the tour, the musician has appeared on well-known international stages and has won a latest legion of followers for his cause. And every thing indicates that amongst them he already has the name of Paul McCartney

Dr. Zapà, the group’s musical director, needed to pinch himself to consider that he was playing for considered one of the best symbols in music history.

“Having Paul in a concert is the best thing that has happened in my profession. We’re talking about The Beatles, top-of-the-line musicians of all time. I loved seeing how he enjoyed the concert along with his family. Having his blessing was the best thing. It was a brilliant big push for the band, to proceed creating and pushing our music. An incredible experience,” he noted.

Cimafunk has been on the rise in a vertiginous way for the reason that independent publication of his first album Terapia. His first songs akin to “Paciente” became a phenomenon at cruising speed in Cuba and his shows didn’t stop being a smash in Havana. His proposal attracted international attention and he has had favorable reviews of his music in prestigious newspapers akin to The Latest York Times. During his short but explosive profession, he has performed on legendary stages akin to the Blue Note in Latest York and he has collaborated with musicians of the caliber of George Clinton.

Cimafunk in Latest York: “I’m in a dream”

For even larger merits, El Alimento was chosen by the Rolling Stone magazine in third place for the very best albums in Spanish of 2021. “Cimafunk’s shining second album, El Alimento, unfolds as a series of intersections between Afro-Cuban musical tradition and America’s masters of funk, hip-hop and rock & roll,” said Rolling Stone.

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