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Claudio Caamaño promotes technical irrigation on World Water Day

In honor of “World Water Day” celebrated on March twenty second, Claudio Caamaño Vélez, the manager director of the National Irrigation Technification (TNR), highlighted the Dominican Republic’s advantageous position within the face of the worldwide challenges of accelerating food production while facing water resource stress. That is on account of the irrigation innovations promoted by the federal government that allow for as much as ten times more productivity in certain fields with the identical amount of water.

President Luis Abinader’s foresight led to the creation of the National Irrigation Technification, a specialized entity that gives training and financial support to producers within the Dominican Republic. This puts the country in a positive position to tackle future challenges.

Moreover, the federal government has proposed a National Commitment for a Pact for Water, which goals to advertise sustainability and water security over a 15-year period through open dialogue and collective agreements with society.

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