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CLEAN WATER RESTORED: Grand Bahama potability island-wide as GBUC $5 mil RO plant fully up and running

25% discount for some customers and water depots to be discontinued 

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Grand Bahama Utility Company (GBUC) yesterday announced that its $5 million state-of-the art reverse osmosis (RO) plant is now fully operational to offer potable water to the island of Grand Bahama. 

The corporate said in a press release that the three-million-gallon RO facility has been extensively tested and monitored consistently over 30 days and the utility company has received approval to officially declare island-wide potability.

The Grand Bahama Utility Company’s (GBUC) reverse osmosis plant.

Philcher Grant, GBUC public affairs chief operating officer, said: “Grand Bahamians and residents have experienced and overcome quite a few challenges since Hurricane Dorian ravaged the island back in September 2019.

“The GBUC team — together with Bahamas Hot Mix (BHM), the contractor chargeable for the development and commissioning of the RO facility — has continued working tirelessly to finish this project and now that potability is here, we are able to ensure our customers may have a reliable, potable water supply for years to come back.”

Grant added that it has been a “costly but rewarding journey” because of varied setbacks attributable to the pandemic and provide chain issues.

“This can be a major achievement for GBUC and its partners as the corporate continues to progress and put money into constructing back stronger and higher to make sure its resiliency against climate change and future storms.”

Since Hurricane Dorian’s passage, the utility company managed to offer potable water to 70 percent of the island by July 2020.

We’re committed to providing payment plan options designed specifically for those needing help to administer and maintain their utility accounts.

– Utility Relations Supervisor Anastacia Rahming

The GBUC also absorbed the complete financial impact while providing several amenities to residents in non-potable areas, resembling a 25 percent discount on utility bills and water depots that provided free, potable water to residents situated in those communities.

Anastacia Rahming, utility relations supervisor, noted that as the corporate embraces full potability, customers may notice a couple of changes, including a better quality of the water, discontinuation of the present 25 percent discount and the elimination of water depots.

“We understand how difficult it might probably be for patrons to bring their accounts up-to-date, so we’re committed to providing payment plan options designed specifically for those needing help to administer and maintain their utility accounts,” she said.

The GBUC’s Christmas Payment Plans will grant customers the choice to pay either 50 percent of their outstanding bill and the rest over a six-month period, or pay in full and waive all interest fees up to 3 years.

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