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Credit union supports initiative at Ellerton Primary

The BWU Co-operative Credit Union Limited (BWUCCUL) recently made a donation to the Ellerton Primary School towards the refurbishment of their shade house.

This was a critical component of the varsity’s effort to construct agricultural skills and knowledge amongst their students and promote local food security.

The donation of $1,000 was made as a part of the credit union’s WE CARE outreach programme.

This initiative was created to offer financial support to BWUCCU members in need, in addition to provide grants to local charitable and useful ventures, whose projects give attention to youth, sports, culture, heritage, the environment, or generally improve communities.

In July 2021, Hurricane Elsa destroyed the agricultural St. George school’s shade house. This structure had served each the 4-H Club and the varsity at large.

Students received at the least one lesson per week, focused on the care and management of crops being grown, which included cabbage, lettuce, beans, beets, and a wide range of herbs. Moreover, students conducted experiments to explore scientific topics like germination.

The shade home is closely linked with the success that the varsity’s 4-H Club and wider student body have enjoyed through the years. Ellerton Primary has been within the winner’s row of the Grow Well! Eat Well! Live Well! School Gardening and Picture Board Competition, the Agrofest School’s Kitchen Garden Competition, the NIFCA Culinary Arts Competition and the Future Centre Trust Eco-Art Competition.

Principal of the varsity, Andrew Haynes, underscored the importance of the shade house to highschool activities.

“It played an enormous role in helping us diversify our curriculum and higher cater to the numerous needs and learning forms of our student population. Understandably, everyone seems to be desperate to have it rebuilt.”

Teacher and leader of the 4-H Club, Lisa Greenidge, who can also be a member of the Barbados 4-H Foundation, explained, “I got here across the WE CARE initiative on social media and applied for assistance with our shade house rebuilding project.

The BWU Co-operative Credit Union Limited was one in all the primary donors to return on board. This donation helps to not only rebuild the shade house, nevertheless it also allows us to execute on the 4–H tenets of entrepreneurship, food sustainability and agro-diversity.”

In commenting on the credit union’s involvement within the rebuilding of the shade house, Marketing Manager Valerie Hope said: “On the BWU Credit Union, our goal is to support each our members and the communities wherein they live. Also, one in all our key strategic intents is to grow to be a green-centric Credit Union and support more sustainable lifestyles.

Agriculture and food security are key elements of successful sustainability, and we’re pleased that our donation towards rebuilding Ellerton Primary’s shade house, will support the event of agricultural and science skills in our younger generation, which may only serve to profit the encircling community and hopefully the country on an entire within the near future.” (PR)

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