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Crop Over Arts Pop Up Saturday at Pelican

The primary Crop Over 2022 Arts and Artisanal Pop Up is Saturday at Pelican Village.

The Pop Ups seek to spotlight the Visual Arts & Craft and Artisanal facets of the Crop Over Festival. They are going to aid in connecting the general public with spaces, artists, artisans and the final essence of the festival.

Though each Pop Up will probably be different, they’ll share a core theme of promoting greater than 40 participating Barbadian artists and artisans, in addition to spaces and community.

The 2022 Arts and Artisanal Pop Ups will goal each locals and visitors who’ve an appreciation for creative expression. Featured will probably be deejays, musicians and folk storytellers, and other performers. Those with an affinity for the cultural and heritage facets of the festival are also included within the audience, as there will probably be the appearances of folklore heritage characters as well.

Producer of the event, NCF’s Senior Business Development Officer, Andre Hoyte, said the pop ups aim to showcase creativity.

“The Arts & Artisanal Pop Ups will showcase the opposite side of the various creative industries practioners of the festival. These artisans are the beadrock of what makes Crop Over greater than a carnival, highlighting creativity outside of the soca and masquarade disciplines; whose products are very essential to the every single day lifesytle of consumers, but especially in the course of the Festival Season,” he said.

Patrons of the Pop Ups can also be taken with purchasing art, décor and other artisanal products from the various locations.

Saturday’s Pop Up themed: “Connecting Spaces”, will see a mixture of entertainment and interviews take over two of the Craft Centre’s retail spaces and one in all its art galleries.

Five musicians are set to make appearances at Pic a Lime on-location between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., while the Tuk Band, folk characters and storytellers will form the heritage aspect of the entertainment. There will even be a deejay.

“Market Day” is the third and final Pop Up within the series occurring on Saturday, August sixth, 2022, at Golden Square Freedom Park.

Most notably, there will probably be a showcase of 5 traditional Bajan food stalls including Bajan Sweet Treats, Bajan Cou Cou, Bajan Breadfruit, Bajan Pickle and Souse and Soup pot. There will even be a Bajan Beverage Lounge featuring wines, spirits and other beverages.

Also on exhibit will probably be the products of 10 Barbadian artisans within the disciplines of basketry, pottery, ceramics, jewelry, health and wellness, bath and spa, and fashion and accessories.

Performances will probably be done by five artistes, complete with the roaming performances of the Bajan folk characters and storyteller from Cheapside Market to Broad Street, Swan Street to High Street, and Fairchild Street to Golden Square. 

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