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Cutting highlighting climate change at QEH

Terry Cutting is the managing director of Relentless Nostalgia Manufacturing which is an organization that gives locally manufactured natural juices.

The 26-year-old who’s captivated with Climate Change and is an envoy for HEY Caribbean, said the sponsorship with Adopt A Stop, HEY Caribbean and his business was because of him wanting to lift awareness in regards to the dangers of littering through branding and promoting.

“My company teamed up with Adopt A Stop because they’re those who’ve a whole lot of locations across the  island for the procurement of promoting and branding on benches and bus stops and this initiative will branch off into larger and higher things,” he said.

Cutting who’s a former student of The Lester Vaughan School revealed that his company may even have chillers at various supermarkets outfitted with climate change messaging. The initiative is a partnership with a governmental organization.

“The fleet of display chillers can be going into various retail locations across the island and they’re going to display messages on the climate crisis and suggestions on the next issues which include but should not limited to generate based climate concerns, health and environmental concerns and entrepreneurship. Being a Junior Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security within the HEY Global Parliament as a Barbadian representative, my portfolio is aligned with food security as a climate crisis in itself,” he said.

Reflecting on the disclosing of the sign which bears his company’s name on the skin of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Cutting said that he’s honoured to have his small business on the sign up the lone state-owned hospital.

“I feel ecstatic as a young businessman at 26 years old as I see myself as a future philanthropist within the making representing state and the people,” he said.  Chairman of the Future Centre Trust and CEO of Adopt-A-Stop Barney Gibbs said that they’d seen the interest Terry had for climate change and decided to help him on his journey.

“We met Terry during a tree planting ceremony on the Barbados Trailway. He expressed an interest in fruit trees, especially proper planting techniques and grafting and other practical issues. We desired to encourage an entrepreneur who takes such a holistic approach to their product and this bench represents that support,” he said.

Project Administrator at The Ashley Lashley Foundation, Rananko Bailey, said that The Hey Campaign Caribbean and the campaign’s founder Ashley Lashley, were pleased to partner with Terry to help in efforts referring to the climate crisis.

“The HEY Campaign is all the time in support and elated to have its ambassadors be a part of the answer throughout the climate crisis.  Through this support of Terry, this initiative adds to the work and advocacy throughout the Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Youth Campaign in its global fight against the climate crisis, more particularly on this case, the reduction of litter and other incorrectly disposed waste that each day attributes to varied environmental concerns,” he said. (Write Right PR Services)

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