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Demarco and Foota Hype Clash Over Sting $6 Million Fee – Haiti Gazette

Dancehall artiste Demarco has very strong words for Foota Hype, who seemingly hinted that the “Love My Life” artiste didn’t deserve a $6 million booking fee to perform at a clash at Sting this 12 months.

On Thursday, things escalated because the two exchanged words on social media over Demarco’s request. Still, the artiste didn’t back down as he reminded Foota Hype of his contributions to the culture and his pull aspects to crowds.

“Call a spade a bloo*****t spade, ah the yute dem ah gi him the relevance straight away. Him nah do nothing for the yute dem. Ah the yute dem a do something fi him straight away. Bloo*****t unna a chat say. Ah wam to unnuh, split bloocl**t justice which $6 million from which Sting? Fi do wha?” Foota Hype said while on a live video.

He continued, “Ah wam to unnuh, unu a gwan like man a play hypocrite…weh yuh a ask Laing fi $6 bumbocl**t million fa? No song nah play fi Demarco. Demarco a artiste weh, me have most Demarco song dem pon dub, me used to work with Demarco, make we speak the reality before Demarco go run out bout him want one no person nah talk bout Demarco.”

Demarco was very calm as he shaded Foota Hype as no person within the dancehall space, and his only claim to fame is that he’s the infant father of Ishawna.

The artiste also reminded Foota of his contributions to dancehall music during its early life, which helped the genre spread mainstream to the US and other countries through the mid-2000s.

“‘Bout weh Laing ah get $6 million from. So how show a keep? Ah wha you wish try say ‘yow Demarco nuh price $6 million’? Aye boy go weh with dat! You recognize how much me put inna dancehall? You recognize how much me contribute to dancehall music? You recognize much mes contribute to this culture? You recognize how much big riddim me buil’ bout ya? You recognize how much songs me write? you realize how much hits me make bout ya?” Demarco said in a video response to Foota Hype.He added, “Ah wam to you Foota D*ke, you ever win a clash? You is just Ishawna baby father, move from yasso and gweh, you ah no person. like you possibly can control anything and also you ah mediate clash…You ever live nowhere good you ah talk bout mediate? Gweh from ya.”

Demarco was asked by Sting promoters to clash with Kayodi, however the artiste said he wasn’t willing to do the show unless the value was right as he requested JM$6 million or US$38,000.

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The artist, 41, is one in every of the heavy hitters within the dancehall industry and has spent greater than 20 years within the music industry. He’s well-known for his songs like “Duppy Know Ah Who Fi Frighten” on the Shoot Out Riddim, “Fallen Soldiers,” “True Friend,” “Show It (So Sexy),” “Puppa Tail,” and plenty of more.

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