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DISASTER: Large fight erupts at cooler fete leaving some with injuries

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Several people were injured after a big fight erupted at a cooler fete event on the Elements Lounge, formerly generally known as the O2 Hookah Lounge, on Gladstone Road on Saturday night.

Purported footage of the ordeal, which showed patrons either fleeing or walking away with visible injuries, made the rounds on social media.

When contacted, Superintendent Audley Peters said nobody had made a report of the incident.

He said he was unable to substantiate social media reports that suggested greater than a dozen people had been stabbed.

A few of those reports originated from purported attendees.

There have been also unofficial reports of a stabbing.

Yesterday, Eyewitness News visited the grounds of the ‘Collide Cooler fete reloaded event’.

An worker described the incident as a “disaster”, but said it was the primary time they’ve needed to take care of an ordeal like that at their business following scores of events.

“When individuals are drinking, partying, and smoking, I assume they lose themselves, I don’t know,” said the worker.

One other worker said he did know what caused the fight to interrupt up, but believed it might have been over a girl.

“Things like this don’t normally occur here. Whether it’s a reggae event or a soca event, that is the primary time. With the cooler fete, people brought their very own bottles and alcohol. One bar was open and folks paid for cups and ice.

“They were looked for contraband at the doorway. But when the fight broke out, they used those bottles, heavy bottles as weapons,” said one other employee of the event.

The worker said he believed the change in music to rap and trap near the top of the event around 11.30pm modified the tone.

In purported footage from the event recorded by an apparent attendee, a person will be heard telling the chaotic crowd: “Yeh, y’all fight. I do know one thing, you burse me I got a click filled with [expletive] hole suggestions. Tell them how they sound Peewee. They’ll [expletive] dead out here. They wish to fight like [expletive].”

Elements Lounge on Sunday afternoon, a distinctly different scene than the chaotic one the night before [PHOTO Royston Jones Jr]

As he cautions those fighting not to the touch him, at the least two men come into sight stomping on one other man on the bottom.

One other man circling the perimeter of the fight darts toward a person while holding a big Hennessy bottle by the neck and swings it toward one other man.

In the space, patrons look like darting for the exit while others stood around watching the chaotic scene.

Eyewitness News contacted a hospital official yesterday who said there was no influx of patients with injuries stemming from a celebration on Saturday night.

Nevertheless, purported footage of the event showed one woman with blood draining down her legs.





This text was adjusted to reflect that the management of the established on Gladstone Road has modified to Elements Lounge, formerly generally known as the O2 Hookah Lounge.

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