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Disturbing the peace

Letters to the Editor

THE EDITOR: I live to tell the tale the eastern foothills of the Diego Martin valley across from Diamond Vale, which, like most surrounding areas, are residential.

It’s now 5 am on Sunday and the peace and quiet of the valley are being disturbed by someone or some establishment playing what can only be described as “noise” – and at a volume that might get up the dead. This noise is reverberating across the valley.

Why should this uncaring individual or establishment be allowed to inconvenience the greater Diego Martin population? It’s not possible that this loud music will not be being heard by the authorities with the ability to place a stop to it.

Why must we proceed to tolerate this disregard for society?

My heart goes out to the immediate residents in the realm as I can only imagine that complaints have been made that fell on deaf ears.

No rational considering person can appreciate what’s a flagrant abuse to their right to benefit from the peace and quiet of the early morning, especially a Sunday morning.

Hopefully the authorities will hear this plea, investigate and put a stop to any further occurrences. But on this not-a-real-place island such motion is doubtful.

Who knows, perhaps the identical authority I’m appealing to is an element of the disturbance.


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