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DJ Ana, Simmo Shine at Belize Carnival

By Michael Mondezie

DJ Ana can now add cultural ambassador to her growing list of titles and accolades.

The Trinidad and Tobago-based viral DJ star, real name Ana-Leesa Ramnarine, represented soca music to the fullest after being invited by the federal government of Belize to perform on the Central American nation’s carnival celebrations last month.

Ana, along along with her longstand ing musical collaborator, Ultra Simmo (Jordan Simmons), were a success with the large crowd on the first-ever San Pedro Soca Festival on September 20.

The Edmonton, Canada-born party starter said the invitation by San Pedro Mayor Gualberto ‘Wally’ Nunez to share their talents was each an honour and a privilege. Lots of of fans lined up for a likelihood to fulfill and take pictures with the duo after their high-energy set.

‘It has been an honour for us to have the option to represent the culture of Trinidad and Tobago to the people of Belize. We now have been graciously hosted and are delighted that the people listed here are such enthusiasts of soca and calypso music. A special thanks to Mayor Nunez who believes within the strength of Caribbean music and performers to leverage as a part of their tourism economy,’ an elated Ana told the Kitcharee.


The San Pedro festival signalled a much-welcomed return to the masquerade on the Central American mainland after a two-year pandemicforced hiatus. Belize’s carnival celebrations, staged from September 19 to 22, featured a reimagined format with several simultaneous showcases at various locations throughout the country that culminated with the official carnival Road March parade.

DJ Ana and Ultra Simmo were the featured attractions for the country’s National Pre-Independence Day event on September 20,together with the carnival Road March parade and afterparty the next day. Each showcases followed a stellar performance by soca’s Queen of Bacchanal, Destra Garcia, on the soca fete on September 17.

Ultra Simmo, who currently hosts the favored Friday Night Live and Glam Jam on LIT 102.3 FM showcases with Ana, said constructing cultural bridges into latest markets inside the Caribbean and Central America can only augur well for exponents of the humanities in T& T.

Simmo, who also co-stars with Ana on the Hollywood-shot sitcom House Out Of Order, says the duo will proceed to interrupt barriers and pave a path of success within the entertainment and media industries for themselves and the following generation.

‘We now have forged a latest relationship with the people of San Pedro and Belize, and can proceed to develop it to profit each T& T performers and assist in developing their local DJs and performers in the approaching years. We’ll proceed to represent Trinidad and Tobago on the world stage because it further promotes the richness of our people and culture,’ Ultra Simmo concluded.

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