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Dominican musician Guillermo Guillo Carías has passed away

The outstanding Dominican trumpeter and multi-instrumentalist Francisco Guillermo Carías Marra, higher often known as Guillo Carías, has passed away.

“It’s with great sadness that we announce today the passing of an incredible husband, father, grandfather, friend, teacher and Gentleman, Guillo Carias, in Cary North Carolina, surrounded by his loving family,” the artist’s page posted on Facebook.

The musician, a native of San Juan de la Maguana, lived in North Carolina, in the USA, was some of the essential Dominican musicians, raising the tricolor value of the country as a musician and person world wide.

Last April, President Luis Abinader decorated him with the Heraldic Order of Christopher Columbus within the Knighthood.

Teacher Rafael Solano deeply regretted the news of the death of his close friend in life, also teacher Guillo Carías who died this Friday in a hospital in North Carolina, United States at 86 years of age.

The writer of “Por amor”, amongst other successful compositions, said that since they met they established a lifelong friendship.

“Guillo was not only my great friend whom I met living in a pension. We began working together on the El Embajador hotel after which at this system “La Hora del Moro” at Rahintel. He was my partner, a terrific musician,” Solano reflected.

He remembered that on one occasion they went to Jamaica to work. “We were all the time together, in 1959 we were in “La Hora del Moro”. He was a terrific trumpeter and since of his talent he was appointed as music teacher on the Conservatory of Puerto Rico and within the country one in all the nice protagonists of jazz within the country”, he commented.

In his last years in North Carolina he performed many activities on essential stages. “We now have had a terrific loss.”

Guillo Carías fell unwell with COVID-19 and left him with a series of consequences that affected his health.

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