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Dominican Republic investigates first suspected case of cholera

The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, confirmed that the Dominican Republic currently has a suspected case of cholera under commentary and investigation.

It is a Haitian patient who got here from the world where the infections are, in Port-au-Prince, who admits that she ate food, she felt bad and here within the country she began to have diarrhea.

The minister said that the epidemiological fence is instantly made they usually are clinically suspected of cholera, however the patient has kidney problems and other complications.

Results are expected today.

It’s a case that’s imported from Haiti and the patient is in Higüey.

Within the Dominican Republic, emergency plans were activated and strict controls are established on the border to stop sick people from entering this territory.

Cholera is an infectious disease brought on by a bacterium that in 2010 caused a health emergency on the island. The epidemic began in Haiti and spread to Dominican territory, where it caused greater than 400 deaths.

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