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Dominica’s Anichi Resort & Spa Provides A 2% Annual Return While Under Construction

News Americas, Roseau, Dominica, Mon. Oct. 31, 2022: Anichi Resort & Spa can be providing a 2% annual return to investors despite being under construction. The management of the much-anticipated five-star luxury resort and spa in Dominica has said that the project is in full swing, and that after construction is accomplished, annual returns can be based on the resort’s operation. 

Following an official update, an estimated 70% of the project is now complete; this includes the flooring in addition to an in depth electricity infrastructure. The resort is being built on 12 acres of land, with 128 rooms. I’ll host world-class amenities, comparable to a lagoon swimming pool, an infinity pool, restaurants, a business centre and plenty of others. Overlooking a picturesque beach, the resort will tastefully mix its modern architecture with the landscape’s tropical foliage.  

Developed by Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd, the resort will form a part of the Autograph Collection, a premium international brand developed by renowned hotelier Marriott International. This links the resort to greater than 100 luxury lifestyle hotels across 30 countries and territories – all of which have been constructed as a part of Autograph Collection Hotels. Moreover, Anichi Resort can be managed by Highgate, a dominant player in major US gateway cities with a growing footprint within the Caribbean and Latin America.  

Anichi Resort & Spa can be certainly one of the premium real estate options approved by the Dominican government’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme. The CBI Index of 2022, published by the PWM Magazine of the Financial Times, recognises it because the “World’s Best Citizenship by Investment Programme”. The minimum investment threshold for Anichi Resort & Spa is $220,000 (USD), an expenditure which also comes with lifetime Dominican citizenship and property ownership.

The resort will bolster the tourism sector and generate extensive employment for locals. The country already occupies a notable position, rating first amongst 25 other Caribbean islands – winning because of its lush green jungles, hot springs and striking black-sand beaches. Annually, scores of investors fly to Dominica owing to its large variety of government-approved investment projects. The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica allows these individuals to buy freehold shares in government-approved properties.  

Anichi Resort & Spa provides investors and CBI applicants with a Return on Investment (ROI) in addition to a route towards diversifying their portfolios and planning their wealth

The Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, praised the CBI Programme, “Because of the real-estate investment option of the Citizenship by Investment Programme,” he noted, “the country is catching the attraction of travel-enthusiasts and is now known for [its] luxury tourism offering. Under the Citizenship Programme, investors seeking to expand their real estate portfolio have the chance to take a position in established luxury hotel brands and villas.” 

Dominica’s real estate investment option has long provided premium, luxury projects for investment. A previous example of that is Secret Bay, an actual estate property which paid out greater than $1 million (USD) in returns to investors. The Residences at Secret Bay also guarantees great returns, having drawn greater than 100 Citizenship by Investment (CBI) owners. The resort has already won numerous awards, and it’s anticipated that Anichi Resort & Spa will likewise be counted as certainly one of the jewels in Dominica’s real estate crown.

Anichi Resort guarantees to be a meaningful asset during this time of worldwide uncertainty. CS Global Partners, a legal consulting firm working within the investment citizenship field, noted that, beyond the resort’s world-class architecture and plush surrounding environment, “[t]he project also brings in interest from investors keen to take part in the event through Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. Once accomplished, the resort guarantees to rework Dominica’s tourism sector while also boosting employment for the local people”.

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Concurrently, Dominica is witnessing the development of several other hotels, including a Hilton hotel, which may also fall under the government-approved real estate investment options of the country’s CBI programme. Lots of these properties are being built to be sustainable and climate-resilient, with the continued construction of such resorts and hotels positioning the island as a top destination for eco-luxury resorts.

Dominica’s real estate is thus proving to be a well-liked option amongst investors and high net-worth individuals (HNWIs). Bolstering investment is the strength of the country’s CBI programme. The credibility and trustworthiness of Dominica’s programme has been maintained since its launch almost three many years ago, and it has been ranked the world’s best CBI programme for its sixth consecutive yr. Alongside alternative citizenship, the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica provides numerous other opportunities to investors. These include:

The flexibility to turn into a world citizen and be a part of a world community transcends Dominica’s land borders.
The flexibility to carry multiple citizenships.
A citizenship that’s granted for all times and will be passed on to future generations.
A chance to offer families and youngsters with a peaceful, stable, protected and welcoming home. 
Access to countless business opportunities, with the choice of portfolio diversification. 
Enhanced opportunities for wealth planning and expanding business overseas.
A stable currency, with Dominica’s currency, the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD), pegged to USD. 

These aspects, combined with alternative citizenship, present individuals with a wealthy array of business and private benefits. Because the success and promise of the Anichi Resort & Spa attest, the island together with its CBI programme offers investment with unrivalled returns.

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