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Donna Bryan to receive National Arts & Culture award

(CMR) Donna Bryan can be honored on the Annual National Arts & Culture Awards on 17 February. She can be presented with the Heritage Cross gold award for her artworks using thatching.

Donna Bryan grew up in Cayman Brac and, from the age of 10, was taught by her mother tips on how to plait silver thatch palm. When she got here over to Grand Cayman to live, she continued along with her thatching skills.

Ms. Bryan, who’s the mother of Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan, has taught thatching in all but one public school, including her visits to the John Gray High School (JGHS) during lunchtimes.

Government funds were allocated to help with the JGHS initiative. During one in all the varsity’s Skilled Development days, Ms. Bryan got here in and shared her knowledge with the teachers within the Art Department. They embraced the category and decided to supply it to Key Stage 3 students as a part of the curriculum through the term.

Ms. Bryan has also taught thatching at a couple of private schools. Her thatch pieces have been showcased by Girls Brigade International, at Heritage Week (formerly often called Pirates Week) and the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa.

The awards ceremony can be invite-only because of the gathering restrictions.

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