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ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT OPTIONS: NPEP’s dreaming of a green Christmas

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — While the vacations are synonymous with the colours red and gold, this season, the New Windfall Ecology Park (NPEP) wants you to think green.

In a press release, NPEP said: “The reality is, while we may enjoy giving and receiving presents, the practice can potentially create tons of waste that find yourself in landfills… This 12 months, consider gifting eco-friendly products you should purchase from local artisans who give a second life to materials that lots of us wouldn’t give a second thought.”

It added, “While the weeks leading as much as Christmas can get hectic, we will all make adjustments to scale back our carbon footprint — especially after we consider the quantity of waste often produced around this time.

“Be an element of the answer by supporting businesses that help curb waste by making the very best use of materials which might be already available.”


Furniture and fashion accessories from upcycled tires

Candis Marshall describes herself as a jack of all trades. As a budding entrepreneur, the artist makes a speciality of upcycling tires to create jewelry and furniture.

In 2015, Marshall’s son approached her with the concept to make wallets out of old tires to earn extra income for a family vacation. She has grown to provide a spread of accessories from that early idea, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts and satchels that range from $20 to $120.

“This holiday, I even have created a set of tire products like bracelets and earrings that I’m offering for Christmas, after which on the opposite end of things, I’ve created a nature-inspired line of table mats and napkin rings and things of that nature.”

Marhsall’s designs might be purchased from the gift shop on the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) or online from her website: https://cajouben.fws.store/.


Turning glass shards into sea glass jewelry

On Abaco, Hilary Thompson and Erika Feszt-Russell, otherwise often called the Two Island Chicks, turn naturally weathered pieces of glass that wash up on beaches into beautiful jewelry. The duo combines the ocean glass with pebbles, shells and other natural elements to remodel the remnants of litter from broken bottles into fashionable pieces.

Feszt-Russell said while their enterprise started off as a “therapeutic outlet” for them, it quickly blossomed into a hand-crafted eco-friendly accessory line they were wanting to share with others.

Now, the pair offers pre-made designs in addition to custom pieces including necklaces, bracelets and charms that might be purchased by contacting them through Two Island Chick’s social media pages.

“I’ve also had individuals who found their very own sea glass and asked us to make something out of it, so there’s nothing else prefer it,” Feszt-Russell explained.


Making essentially the most out of coconuts

Entrepreneur Donovan McKenzie lives by a zero-waste philosophy with Coco Splash, specializing in coconut milk and water and offering custom-made coconut cups.

“I started off making coconut drinks, after which I finally branched out and ended up creating cups and keepsakes from the coconut shell that was leftover,” he said.

“My coconut cups are made with coconut shells which might be taken from a coconut that’s in its last stages. We provide different designs depending on the style that the client wants, and our prices range from $7 to $20.”

To buy, contact Coco Splash through its social media pages or by calling or texting 445-1717. Products can even be on sale at Marina Village from December 17 to 23 and the Reef and Cove from December 24 to 31.

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