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Expert calls to urgently activate a cleansing plan for rains and floods

An urgent cleansing or hygiene plan that must cover the environments of institutions, corporations and houses is currently needed to activate within the country, after the rains and floods that mainly affected Greater Santo Domingo.

This was proposed by Dr. José R. Yunen, an authority in critical care and preventive health, warning in regards to the risk of the emergence of diseases and the resurgence of others which might be affecting the country, akin to dengue, leptospirosis and the influenza virus, brought on by these environmental conditions.

Referring to the nice flood that affected Santo Domingo and other areas this Friday night, as a result of the rains brought on by the incidence of a trough and a tropical wave, he said that the environment is conducive to epidemic outbreaks.

“At the moment, hygiene of the environment is imposed, each in corporations, hospital areas and houses and doing just like the Japanese, attempting to make sure that that the sidewalk in front of your home can be clean””, he said.

The specialist stressed that tropical diseases can’t be forgotten because there could also be a rise in dengue and humid conditions crowd people and cause viral diseases akin to influenza, which is a coronavirus, to spread rather more easily.

He understands that it is crucial to open the door to vaccination and that hopefully it’s going to be placed massively against influenza, the quadrivalent, which incorporates protection against more strains of the virus, with the opening of more options for immunization.

He recalled that with the floods, rats come out of their burrows, whose contaminated urine can result in the spread of leptospirosis within the population, so hand hygiene and food and canned food before using it should be taken in account for the population.

Currently, the country is registering a major increase in dengue cases, which until the center of last month had caused 43 deaths and over seven thousand affected, in addition to respiratory diseases, attributed on a bigger scale to the circulation of influenza viruses of type A and B.

Heavy rains

On November 4th, in a matter of hours more rain fell in Greater Santo Domingo than half of a complete rainy month, which collapsed the transit in the town, based on the measurements of the central station of the National Directorate of Meteorology.

In those three hours, 70 millimeters of water fell on Santo Domingo and the National District, when the typical within the month of November averaged 132 millimeters, based on those statistics.

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Roads akin to 27 de Febrero, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Máximo Gómez avenues, which cross the town north-south and east-west, have grow to be unattainable to achieve, a situation that’s worsened by the desperation of drivers who’ve taken all of the lanes. to try to maneuver forward, but blocking traffic.

The director of the Emergency Operations Center (COE), Juan Manuel Méndez, reported that they’ve been able to verify the death of 4 individuals who died due to heavy rains on November 4th.

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