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Experts differ on whether dembow may affect behavior

Urban music, akin to dembow and other genres with lyrics and high-flown electronic resources, can alter human behavior, say doctors Luis Vergés and José Miguel Gómez, the previous a therapist and the latter a baby adolescent psychiatrist.

On their side, psychiatrists Héctor Guerrero Heredia and Julio Israel Chestaro assure that there aren’t any studies that prove that any musical genre can affect human behavior, as some scholars claim.

For Vergés and Gómez Montero, although within the Dominican Republic there aren’t any studies that suggest that urban music or any music akin to dembow leads on to violence, the reality is that several theories do contemplate that it’s a major risk factor for this to occur, especially sexual violence against women, as demonstrated by De Araújo and a gaggle of Brazilian collaborators and researchers.

“Violence is a posh phenomenon whose cause can’t be attributed to a single factor, but there are some which are triggers when an element of our population is vulnerable for various reasons,” says Vergés.

These experts examined thirty studies that found a relationship between using musical content combined with digital resources to extend and generate new types of violence.

Amongst these studies are sexual violations and physical, psychological, and verbal violence against women. This group of researchers concluded that the content that almost all invites violence are those which are loaded with sexist stereotypes towards women and those who sexually objectify them in songs.

The idea of social contagion of violence, supported by Phillis Gibs, argues that songs, depending on their content, generally is a resource that transmits the anti-values of violence and thus condition the way in which people think, normalize or turn into desensitized. There may be a narrative that accommodates contents that describe violent behaviors as responses to the identical messages.

There may be also a population vulnerable to that music and its contents.

Gómez Montero
When an individual listens to music that incites him/her to violence, drug use, or disorderly sex, he/she modifies his/her behavior, assures the skilled.

This could occur if the music is listened to permanently; it occupies a part of the person’s belief system. Through the mirror neurons, these messages are copied and influence the emotions, thoughts, and mood, and this becomes a life result. Music and medicines combined have twice the negative ends in social behavior, assures the skilled and researcher.

These are phenomena which have already been studied extensively.

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