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Exuma festivities kick off with Water Supplier’s support

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Islands across The Bahamas are, once more, inviting Bahamians and tourists to enjoy their annual display of music, food, and overall local culture this summer. After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Barraterre Development Association (BDA) emphasized that the long-awaited regatta and homecoming festivals cater to the body, mind, and soul.  

Under the theme ‘Back Like We Never Left’, entertainers, cooks, and boaters, amongst others gathered in picturesque Exuma for 3 days for a showcase of talent and camaraderie with support from Consolidated Water (Bahamas) Ltd (CWCO).

“For over 10 years, CWCO has been considered one of the association’s longest-standing supporters. Even when the homecoming festival was postponed through the pandemic, CWCO continued their assistance as we gave back to the Barraterre community in other ways” said BDA President Annie Llyod. 

With safety on the forefront of the BDA’s plans, last yr, CWCO’s donation went from covering costs for various performers and sailors on the homecoming festival to directly feeding the roughly 200-member Barraterre community. Each household received grocery vouchers and certificates to 2 of the island’s major food stores.

During this yr’s thirty seventh annual regatta and homecoming festival, Class ‘C’ sloops and skippers from throughout The Bahamas competed for money prizes and trophies. Onshore activities ranged from hoopla and quadrille dancing to the plaiting of the maypole.

Consolidated Water Ltd (Bahamas) General Manager Henderson Money highlighted that the BDA pressed onward and had a successful festival despite having little preparation time.

“Because the Barraterre community continues to embrace Bahamian culture, CWCO is proud to contribute to a good greater and higher homecoming event annually. The work that the BDA puts in goes above and beyond the decision of duty and we admire their great efforts,” Mr. Money said. 

Aligned with Independence Day, church services, Pride Day flag-raising ceremonies, Family Fun Days, and other celebratory activities will proceed to happen across Exuma this week from July 8 to July 10. 

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