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Festival of Floats soared

Shanakaye Howe, credit & collections officer at ATL, was here for a FOF’ good time. (Photo: Aceion Cunningham)

THE highly popular party series Festival of Floats (FOF) attracted scores of patrons for a euphoric party experience on the pristine, white sand Puerto Seco Beach in Discovery Bay, St Ann.

The recent staging unfolded in the course of the recent Heroes’ Weekend amid a plethora of party options on the favored St Ann entertainment landscape.

Partygoers were treated to music from Coppershot, DJs Travis from Chromatic, Kryptic & Fyahman, Lank from Code Red Sound, Romziinova in addition to an impromptu clash between Usain Bolt and DJ Crazy Neil trading popular R&B hits much to the delight of the females within the audience. The evening also featured a live performance by Ashir Di Guitarist together with his covers of popular dancehall songs, including Protocol by Skeng and Tommy Lee.

DJ Crazy Neil expressed to Jamaica Observer that this event is a favorite on his calendar because it attracts a high-energy party crowd.

Miss Jamaica Universe 2016 Isabel Dalley (Photo: Aceion Cunningham)

“It’s one in all my favourite parties to attend and let out and see friends I have not seen shortly. I really like the energy, it is a mostly young crowd with young DJs and the energy is high. The individuals are beautiful, in addition they bring it on the subject of fashion and each execution appears like the primary time. I loved this one and the highlight for me, in fact, was the friendly musical clash with Usain Bolt and myself. Ashir Di Guitarist was great too,” Crazy Neil explained.

Event promoter PJ Wright explained the combination of features that kept individuals coming back and attracting new attendees.

“Festival of Floats is a beach playground that promotes the fun of living in Jamaica, beautiful beaches, beautiful people and amazing music all while the sun is shining. It is a day party in its true form as we kick off at 11:00 am. The concept allows individuals bring their cooler, select their vibe: sand, sea or cabana and just rejoice in a secure environment. The great thing about FOF is that the people create the vibe because it is not about fancy clothing or popping bottles, it’s about meeting up with friends making memories and having a FOFin’ good time,” Wright said.

The vibe within the space didn’t wane because the DJs kept the energy throughout with mixes across genres leaning heavily on Afrobeats and dancehall which was well-received by the patrons as they might be seen dancing the day away of their respective groupings. The event ended on a high note with the DJs choosing a slew of hits from Masicka, arguably dancehall’s hit machine now.

The following staging can be set for Puerto Seco Beach on April 8, 2023.

Adrianna Bryan (left), CEO, A Fi Me Snacks, and her realtor sister Kalefia Bryan at Festival of Floats held on the Heroes’ Weekend. (Photo: Aceion Cunningham)
Hennah Gittenis (left), social media influencer, and Shenel Francis, dental hygienist looking fabulous. (Photo: Aceion Cunningham)
Renee Wilson, sales executive at ATL, saying hello to our camera. (Photo: Aceion Cunningham)
Attorney-at-law Roxann Mars showing us where the party is at. (Photo: Aceion Cunningham)
Kibbalee Bennett, teacher, kept it cool on this blue number. (Photo: Aceion Cunningham)
Recording artiste Denyque absorbing the vibe. (Photo: Aceion Cunningham)
Ashir Di Guitarist and Usain Bolt entertaining the gang at Festival of Floats held at Puerto Seco Beach on the Heroe’s Weekend.Photos: (Photo: Aceion Cunningham)

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