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Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins

US-BASED executive record producer Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins says while artistes have to be given avenues of expression, they needs to be responsible enough to not incite violence or laud negative behaviour.

His comment comes against Tuesday’s Broadcasting Commission ban on the playing of music that promotes or glorifies lottery scamming, using illicit drugs and illegal guns.

“These young artistes in Jamaica are definitely telling their stories — unemployment, and poverty and violence surrounding them. They’re creating an avenue for people to take heed to them so changes can happen of their lives. And others who live in similar conditions are going to take heed to them. So allow us to get it right, we must not suppress the views of others, but we got to make sure our society just isn’t degraded by the unsuitable form of lyrics,” he said.

“If I should return to the US position, gangster rap began with those artistes who were telling stories of their lives as they see it…There have been people everywhere in the world who never knew what was happening…People who find themselves unhappy really don’t care about glad music, and the violent lyrics are those which sometimes make them do ugly things,” Hudgins continued.

Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins

Executive director of the Broadcasting Commission Cordel Green said the ban was the top product of a wide- ranging process that included focused monitoring, decoding of sub-culture dialect, and concrete slangs deliberation on balancing free expression.

Last yr, Prime Minister Andrew Holness put dancehall music on the radar. He said violent lyrics from artistes assisted in fuelling the island’s crime rate.

“I agree with Prime Minister Holness that gun lyrics can influence people to do wrongs…We even have to take a look at the role of presidency and ask ourselves: ‘Is government doing enough?'” said Hudgins.

“Bob Marley is an ideal inspiration to people. He was actually telling his stories. But, didn’t use poor selection words to get his message across. Bob wasn’t telling anyone to kill innocent people and since his music was so skilfully crafted, he continues to be the best reggae artiste,” he continued.

Hudgins is executive producer of albums Miungu Ya Muziki and Certified Gold. The previous did well on several charts, including primary on the Cuba-Caribbean Amazon charts and number two on US iTunes.

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