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Firms cramming six roles into one

Source: mseap.com -


Source: mseap.com –

This will likely not be practice nevertheless it is definitely something that we want to talk about. Now, since my specialty is within the digital marketing and e-commerce space, I’m going to make use of that as my point of reference, but I do acknowledge that this is going on in lots of other spaces.

Firms are taking five or more specialisations and have begun combining all of their duties into one role, labelling the roles as “associates” or “juniors” in order that they’ll justify paying people as little as possible.

From the beginning of this 12 months, I began a series on my TikTok and LinkedIn channels called Firms Are Wilding, where we take a have a look at job postings, read out their requirements after which offer some suggestions as to what they may have done higher. It’s caused quite the wake-up call, but not enough, because by the point we did the fourth video, we realised lots of the job postings were just continuing to worsen.

Individuals who have just left the businesses reviewed began to provide their testimony about their treatment, the pay and even abuse they suffered from the employers, and we, the general public, have been noticing job roles at the identical firms being advertised every three months, some going way back to three years of attempting to fill a task.

Let me provide you with an example.

There’s a job emptiness: Searching for a photographer/videographer.

The responsibilities they need this person to execute are:

• Must create ALL promotional photos and videos for campaigns

• Must capture ALL event content

• They’re accountable for your complete technique of creating content, from capturing the footage to editing every part

• Must assist the marketing team in hitting its objectives

• Must use graphics, animations, data visualisation, music and voiceovers to create professional-grade content

• Must co-ordinate all activities for the projects

• Must secure and archive all permissions to make use of photos/videos of people

• Stays up thus far on photo/video trends

• Should be within the marketing meetings

• Will need to have excellent knowledge of digital media

• Will need to have experience with industry editing tools and asset management software

• Ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment

• Should be open to flexible working hours

• Sound knowledge of social media

• Must work well under pressure

For the qualifications, they need:

• An associate degree in photography

• Strong proficiency in shooting high-quality cinematic video

• Five years of experience

• Strong portfolio

They even went so far as asking for excellent “IT skills” especially in “editing software.”

Now, there may be a lot unsuitable here.

For starters, this company is basically on the lookout for a team of individuals and packing all of the duties into one role.

Nobody person needs to be accountable for the work a complete agency is often brought in to do, and paid lower than what someone should get for doing half the work.

What makes it worse is that it is a full-time, in-office job that can result in burnout, or the person with the ability to produce high-quality work, given the duties.

Fairly than search for at the least three or 4 freelancers, this company would fairly pack all of the roles into one.

We understand that lots of the roles and roles are pretty new to most firms, they usually don’t understand the load of the responsibilities they’re hiring for. Firms in TT are also not learning fast enough the new ways they’ll add talent to their organisations in order that they’ll attract and retain good talent.

That is why are seeing so most of the marketing or creative jobs reposting positions every three months, because they’ve burned out the person, the person realises that this role isn’t working for them or the corporate doesn’t like the standard of labor being produced, so that they allow them to go.

If firms don’t work out this problem, they stand to lose big and be left behind on this evolving world.

Our greatest talent is determining that they are not any longer limited to jobs in Trinidad and Tobago and at the moment are getting distant jobs working for international clients, freelancing on platforms like Upwork/Fiverr/Freelancer.com or beginning businesses that may allow them to get clients from anywhere on the earth.

In the long run, local firms are affected by not spending enough time learning the digital business and the way the new formats of labor can assist all parties involved.

As we go into 2023, the brain drain will proceed, but now people don’t need to go away the country to work for global entities. They will try this from the comfort of their homes, earn US dollars and be treated higher for his or her skillsets.

Keron Rose is a digital strategist who works with Caribbean entrepreneurs in constructing and monetising their digital presence. Learn more at KeronRose.com or take a look at the Digipreneur FM Podcast available on all podcast platforms.

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