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Former pudding and souse spot razed

The house of Owen Gubby Man Alleyne, once a preferred spot for pudding and souse in Military Road, Bush Hall, St Michael was destroyed by fire on Monday morning.

As the hearth officers worked feverishly to manage the blaze, Alleyne’s niece Patricia Alleyne-Brewster told the media she had fond memories visiting her uncle’s home on weekends.

She explained that Alleyne passed away in 2009 and the three-bedroom one bathroom timber and wall house was left abandoned, with people taking refuge within the constructing at times.

“It’s heartbreaking because my uncle died some years ago and since then nobody was living in the home because of certain circumstances; and it was just abandoned. I used to be told that guys who do drugs would come and live in the home so it is absolutely heartbreaking to see a house just go up like that.

“It was house when he died. It is absolutely sad to see it go up like that not having anyone to deal with it,” she said. “Every Saturday he used to do pudding and souse so anybody would know Owen and we might come by him on Saturdays. He had a bar and pool table . . . so this was the place to return and play pool on weekends.

“He was a wonderful cook. Anybody from Bush Hall would let you know they might come over by uncle Owen and get some good food.”

Alleyne-Brewster, who lives a brief distance away from the home, said she only returned home yesterday from a six-month overseas trip and her mother alerted her concerning the fire.

Seven firefighters, including leading fire officer Patrick Smith from the Bridgetown station responded to the blaze in two fire tenders.

The Barbados Fire Service received the emergency call at 10:01 a.m. and the team arrived 12 minutes later. (SZB)

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