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Freddy Browne gives it his all

Freddy Browne

FREDDY Browne, US-based artiste/producer/DJ, is upbeat ahead of his latest single All Falls Down, which features Shaggy and Kingston-born singer Andre Fennell.

“The vibe on this track goes deep into the sonic frequencies, creating an aural landscape that enters new territory. I’m all about melding genres and fusing different kinds of music together like never before, which creates an entire new vibe and feeling on any song,” said Browne.

All Falls Down is slated to be released on Friday, October 28 and will probably be included on Browne’s upcoming album titled 17.

“Recently I made a decision the time was right to up production of the track, lifting it levels for its release. Useless to say, I’m more than happy to finally share this with the world,” expressed Browne.

He shared how the collaboration got here about.

“I had worked with Andre Fennell for several years on tracks of mine for certainly one of my projects called The Formula Project. That album titled Evolve was released through my label then at Warner Music in 2008. Andre was writing for Shaggy for several years while we continued to work on music over time. This led to a different project of mine with him called one7 (yet to be released); All Falls Down is a track originally from that project. Early within the means of the event of that material I used to be invited to Shaggy’s home in Long Island, New York, where we met after which decided to collaborate thereafter,” he disclosed.

Freddy Browne’s other songs include Everybody Feel Nice, Get Up, I Got Your Back, and Glow.

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