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Friendship Is a Privilege

Friends in Viñales, Cuba. By Donna Bader (USA).

By Irina Pino

HAVANA TIMES – Being with a friend is probably the most perfect state for a human being. This type of companionship is fulfilling for meals, walks, music, but probably the most substantial thing is conversation, exchanging ideas, knowledge, with complete sincerity.

Veronica Vega, a colleague and friend, tells me concerning the value of loyalty. Sincerity, loyalty… each words mean the identical thing. Truth is an expression of affection.

We’ve known one another since 2011, we’re each writers, we now have a spiritual connection. I feel like I can seek advice from her about anything, and regardless that we now have different opinions sometimes, we at all times respect one another.

We live to tell the tale opposite sides of the town, but we still carve out time to see one another. Every meeting is different. We’ve held onto our friendship, much more so now during these troubling times when people only take into consideration learn how to survive and put their feelings aside.

There are two sisters who live in Cojimar, they’re pure gold, intelligent and real. They’ve proven their friendship to me in some ways. They’re comfort, life is more harmonious with them. It’s a shame public transport is so bad that I can’t go to go to them very frequently.

I’ll leave some quotes about friendship here for you:

 “There may be nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” Saint Thomas Aquinas

“My friends are my estate.” Emily Dickinson.

“For what’s your friend that you must seek them with hours to kill? Seek them at all times with hours to live.” Kahlil Gibran.

This last one is from Jose Marti: “Friendship is larger than love in that it creates no desires, nor the fatigue of getting satisfied them, nor the pain of abandoning the temple of gratified desires for that of new ones.”

All the pieces becomes simpler after we talk our woes over with someone. Our friends come to our aid and save us.

It’s an individual we decide, for each the great and the bad.

It isn’t only someone we see at parties, concert events, in public spaces, with an alcoholic drink in hand. It is a fleeting alliance, something pretend.

Nor the individual that only involves you for private profit. To see what they’ll “scrape off”, like we are saying here on the road.

Probably the most disappointing thing is being betrayed by any person you like. It hurts to know the opposite person is unsuitable, and so they don’t even have the courage to arise to you and clear up any doubts.

It’s an especially low blow when this alleged friend spreads false rumors about you and turns your world the wrong way up, without supplying you with the fitting to defend yourself.

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